Riding the Bullet movie plot

2022-04-12 08:01
ALLEN grew up in a single-parent family and is withdrawn. He often thinks about the dark side of things, and is often swayed by the other self and the devil he imagined. The day before Halloween, he had to rush home from a faraway school because his mother was hospitalized with a stroke. On the way home, he encountered a series of horrific events on the road.
The bullet in the film actually refers to the roller coaster (bullet), an adventure project in the amusement park, so a literal translation as "Riding the Bullet" is inappropriate and bizarre. He flinched when he was riding the roller coaster as a child, because he fantasized about being killed by the devil while riding the roller coaster, which caused him to be reprimanded by his mother until he grew up. I think it is because of his family that he is timid and cowardly, and full of misfortune and mistrust in life. In terms of the content of the film, "The Return of the Dead" is more suitable for the title of the film.
In fact, the devil in the film can't be sure whether it's real or fake, maybe it's just ALLEN's inner struggle, and finally he broke through the psychological barrier.
Most of the scenes in the film take place at night. On the way, they encounter a car accident, a dead father, an old man with a smell of urine, and a thug who is madly chased and killed because of scolding. The longest scene is with a man in a cemetery. The devil who has seen his tombstone, the devil knows Allen's background like the back of his hand, and clearly tells that when Allen didn't dare to sit on the Bullet because he saw the devil want to kill him, he was beaten by an angry mother who had been queuing for a long time in the cold wind. Scenes. The devil told Allen that Allen's father did not die in a car accident, but committed suicide, and asked Allen to commit suicide. When Allen disagreed, the devil asked Allen to choose whether to take Allen himself or Allen's mother. Allen struggled desperately to escape. , In the end, he failed to escape the devil's palm, and was forced to choose to take his mother away. The devil let Allen go. Allen went to the hospital to see his mother with guilt.
Throughout the film, there are multiple assumptions about what will happen in the movie, both real and imaginary. The devil appears and disappears from time to time. It can be seen as Allen's inner struggle and all kinds of terrifying illusions.
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Riding the Bullet quotes

  • Alan Parker: Yeah, there's nothing like a good funeral.

  • George Staub: Do you know who I am, Alan?

    Alan Parker: You're a ghost...

    George Staub: BOO!

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