Ringer movie plot

2022-03-30 08:01
Bridget was originally an ordinary girl who was going through a transition period in her life (detox). But when she happens to witness a professional murder, her life is never the same as before. Despite repeated reassurances from Victor Machado, the FBI agent tasked with protecting her, that she was not in danger, Bridget was well aware that her life was on the line. She fled to New York without anyone knowing—not even Malcolm, her close DA guarantor.
In New York, Bridget meets her twin sister Siobhan (Sarah Michelle Gellar, who plays two roles), whom she has not seen in years. Siobhan lived a prosperous life and had a child with the handsome and high-society Andrew Martin. For Bridget, Siobhan's life is a fairy tale: if she can help Siobhan, "Bridget" will be "evaporated".
For some reason, Siobhan not only did not dislike Bridget, but also took the initiative to approach her. Just when Bridget thought she had a chance to make her request. Siobhan suddenly committed suicide! Bridget has no choice, and ventures into a "new life" using Siobhan's identity. She soon discovers a bunch of shocking secrets: Siobhan lives a double life; someone is also hunting Siobhan; Siobhan has an affair with best friend Gemma's husband Henry; Siobhan His own marriage is also full of mysteries.
Siobhan's life is also in danger. Should Bridget continue the show, or should he get out as soon as possible? And most importantly, what trouble did Siobhan get into? Where did she go?
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  • Martine 2022-04-02 09:01:17

    The only fun at that time was to watch ringer every week :'( Don't have to rust your brain TT Ioan is so handsome, I paid attention to it when I brushed the 3D big boat for him>< Agent is a fan of all his life. Olivia is too aggressive Love it! And henry is a big joker hahahaha

  • Grady 2022-04-01 09:01:19

    Buffy has grown up~ It's so handsome to play her husband~ But I always feel that it's boring to watch, and I gave up...

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