Wild Bill movie plot

2022-06-23 22:27
The play tells the story of a father who just got out of prison when he returns home to find out how his 11 and 15-year-old sons are on their own after being abandoned by their mothers.
"Madman Bill" directorial debut, a true description of the current situation of London's East End British gangster film. Bill Hayward, a drug dealer, returned home after eight years in prison, determined to start a new life, but as a guardian he first faced what to do with his two underage sons: 15-year-old Dee Ann and 11-year-old Jimmy, two children struggling to survive on their own after being abandoned by their mother, have mixed with local gangsters. 
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  • Dayton 2022-06-23 18:46:51

    They are my boys. I'm their dad.

  • Cassandre 2022-06-23 11:37:34

    Although the director said that the film is European style. But from the soundtrack, to the accent, to the picture, everything is British. .

Wild Bill quotes

  • Jimmy: What've we got for dinner?

    Dean: Toast.

  • Wild Bill: [discovering his youngest son's been helping sell crack] First year's the hardest.

    Jimmy: What?

    Wild Bill: Yeah that's what they say. "First year's the hardest." It weren't for me. Second year, that was the real killer. First year you can still remember the world - your home, your pals, Sunday roast, what it's like to take a dump without someone watching you. Second year, that's when the hope starts to leave ya. No one left to trust. No one you really like 'cause you're in prison. Everyone's a criminal. They all want to fuck you over. You don't want to go to sleep 'cause, whatever you got, it'll be nicked by the bloke you share your cell with... whose farts and stink you have to put up with twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Don't want to make friends with no one because, if you do, you make an enemy somewhere else. Nancies who want to rump ya. And, oh, yeah, blokes who don't think nothin' about creeping up behind you with a shank and sticking it in your throat. Do you know what the worst thing is? Do ya? You get used to it. So, Jimbo, what are you gonna do?

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