Where Do We Go Now? movie plot

2022-02-04 08:07
Amara, Takla,and others live in a remote and closed mountain village, where the small environment makes religion and religion more difficult to achieve. The contradictions and conflicts derived from the differences of beliefs have become extremely tragic, and the war between men is about to break out. In order to prevent the men from clashing over religious disputes, the women of different faiths living here have coagulated into a powerful whole in a clever way, and even thought of some pretty clever tricks to effectively divert the men. Too hot attention, and even "fake" a miracle for this - found a group of glamorous Ukrainian strippers. In their own way, they create a harmonious living environment and keep men away from the ravages of religious wars   .
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  • Garrick 2022-03-26 09:01:15

    Exercise add-on, Zun will sign in: 02. It takes two years to watch religious disputes and resolutions in a small Lebanese village on a treadmill...

  • Wayne 2022-03-27 09:01:23

    Faith is like a flood. Taking a different approach in anti-war movies is both traumatic and witty. The perspective is small and intriguing, full of humor and humane care, and resolves the crisis of conflict with the love of motherhood. The last sentence "Where shall we go?" is like a light-hearted joke. It swept away the heavy and oppressive religion and confirmed the arrival of noble reconciliation.

Where Do We Go Now? quotes

  • Takla: Fate is a great provider.

  • Rita: [about visitors] They look like they've been in a famine. Look at that anorexic one. And the other, flat as a board. Our smallest pair of boobs could feed half of the Ukraine!

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