Floating Weeds movie plot

2022-07-04 16:05
In a seaside town in Japan after World War II, after a lapse of more than ten years, the Kabuki troupe, led by the head of the class, Komajuro, came here again to perform. Among the group was Kojuuro's lover, actress Junko. In fact, Komajuro intends to visit his old lover Fang and their son Qing this time. Kojuuro is very excited to see his son has grown up, but he and his son are still called nephews. Junko discovers Kojuuro's secret, and in order to retaliate, she secretly bribes the young female artist Kayo to seduce Qing. The pure Qing really fell for it, and as a result, Kayo himself really fell in love with Qing. Komajuro did not expect his son to fall in love with the actor. He learned that Kayo was instigated by Junko, and cut off relations with Junko in a fit of anger.
The traditional drama has fallen behind the times, and the performance is very poor, and the artists have to pack their bags and start again. He came to the tavern opened by A Fang. This time he finally agreed to stay and live with A Fang and his son. A Fang was very happy. However, they found out that Qing and Jiadai eloped, as if they had been hit in the head, and A Fang was saddened with a glimmer of hope. Jiadai persuaded Qing to cherish his future, but Qing brought Jiadai back together, hoping to get his mother's fulfillment. Kojuuro couldn't control his anger and beat Kayo. Qing had a physical conflict with Koujiro in order to protect the person he loved. In a panic, Afang rushed out and said that Kojuuro was Qing's biological father. Although Qing also suspected that this might be the case, he could not accept the "father" who suddenly broke into his life, refused to recognize father and son, and let Kojuro leave. Kojurou sadly embarks on a wandering journey again, and meets Junko unexpectedly in the train waiting room. The two who were also like duckweed reunited, and Junko followed Kojuro on the road again.  .
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Floating Weeds quotes

  • Komajuro Arashi: You can't help an empty house, when it's empty.

  • Komajuro Arashi: Misfortunes never come alone.

    Sumiko: Swift is Heaven's vengeance!

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