Floating Weeds evaluation action

2022-07-04 22:30
"Ukigusa"'s delicate description of family and love is not exaggerated or flashy. Kojuuro's helplessness, Afang's indifference, Junko's enthusiasm, Qing's straightforwardness, and Kayo's innocence - every character image is so vivid. The ending of the film is not a "happy reunion", but it is not perfect and has flaws. This is the real life.
The film is one of the representative works of director Yasujiro Ozu. The plot is compact and not procrastinating, and the characters are full and three-dimensional, avoiding simple judgments that are either black or white. Ozu's wonderful interpretation of family, love and human nature has made the film transcend the boundaries of time and space, and decades later, it can still resonate strongly with audiences in different countries, making the audience immersed in the film's slightly sad aftertaste for a long time.  .
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Floating Weeds quotes

  • Townsman: What are they going to show next?

    Man Putting Up Posters: Look. Kabuki plays.

    Townsman: Sword fighting plays? I liked that strip show last month. Remember that plump girl in pink?

    Man Putting Up Posters: The new show isn't like that.

  • Komajuro Arashi: This is his daughter, who was just a kid then.

    [Kayo bows]

    Theatre Owner: Grown up into a fine young woman. She used to be a just like a Chinese nut.

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