Rurouni Kenshin movie plot

2022-03-19 08:01
One day after the establishment of the Restoration Government, in a small village, Kenshin met a beautiful girl Kamiya Kaoru. During the conversation, I learned that there was a man named Gobei, who pretended to be a swordsman and did evil in the village. Xun held a bamboo knife in his hand to fight with him, but he was not an opponent. Wubing guards raised their swords and fell, seeing that Ah Xun's life was in danger. At the critical moment, a figure flashed by like lightning, Wubing guards chopped empty, and Ah Xun was already there. In the arms of a handsome red-haired teenager.
Ah Xun saw that the one who saved her was a young warrior with a reverse-edged sword, and she also said that she was the executioner who killed countless people. She wanted to know why Jian Xin stopped killing people. She also wanted to know about Jian Xin. In the past, she hoped that Jianxin would end the wandering life, settle down in the dojo, and use the sword to realize her wish to protect the suffering people. Ah Xun told Jianxin about her life experience. Her father was a live-hearted inheritor of Kamiya, and he always followed the sword. The living, save the world with the sword.
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  • Ariel 2022-04-21 09:03:47

    You can watch the first episode. After all, it is very important to catch the eye and get started; the middle of the house is tasteless, and it is a pity to abandon it (the two people bombed in the episode of Sagara Zuo nosuke, the protagonist is full of sense); the main chapter of the Kyoto fire is ok, a showdown Rise up; 31 episodes of excellent funding; 54 episodes of Sojiro's pure and handsome; 60 episodes of Tianxiang Longshan; the chapter of Shenghaizhou is well portrayed; the first half of 85 episodes is well-painted; The main tone of Kenshin, quiet and healing

  • Vanessa 2022-04-22 07:01:55

    Just read 1-11 (Tokyo chapter) 28-62 (Kyoto chapter) of the original work, and after seeing 31, I feel that the progress is a bit boring. put it on hold

Rurouni Kenshin quotes

  • Katsu: So, you're going to Kyoto too, then?

    Sanosuke Sagara (Zanza): Yeah.

    Katsu: Here, take these with you as a parting gift.

    Sanosuke Sagara (Zanza): More bombs? I thought you stopped making these things.

    Katsu: These are just for self defense.

  • Seijûrô Hiko: [to Kenshin] Why can't you bring me a souvenir, like a normal person, instead of all the trouble you usually bring with you?

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