Rurouni Kenshin Part I: Origins behind the scenes gags

2022-02-04 08:16
  • "Wanderer Kenshin" is the first work since the independence of Keishi Ohtomo, the director of NHK's Taiga drama "Ryomaden".
  • The official poster is from the photographer who has won the Asahi Advertising Award and the Daily Design Award. It is particularly conspicuous and gives a strong visual shock.
  • In view of the difference between the animation and the live-action visual effects, the live-action version of Kenshin Hiimura's hair was changed from red to brown to make the character look more natural.
  • Because many fighting scenes need to be played in person, Satoh Takeru has started special training since 2 months before shooting. He said that what he is most looking forward to seeing is the duel with きっかわこうじ
  • Director Otomo has collaborated with Satoh Takeru, Kagawa Teruyuki, Yu Aoi, and Munetaka Aoki in " Ryoma Den" .
  • During filming in Kyoto, Kagawa Teruyuki often proposed to take the actors to visit Ginkakuji Temple, eat takoyaki, and also introduced everyone to watch " Oga Village ".
  • Satoh Takeru got the film contracts of "Ryoma Den" and "Wanderer Kenshin" at almost the same time. What's amazing is that he played the executioner in both dramas, and the former is the real historical figure Okada Izo.
  • At the preview on August 15, 2012, Olympic foil silver medalist Yuki Ota also came to congratulate, and director Otomo immediately invited him to participate in the sequel.
  • Keishi Ohtomo was originally a contract employee of NHK. He resigned from his old club at the end of April 2011. In May, he established his own office. In August, he signed a contract with Warner Bros. to direct three films. a work.
  • Satoh Takeru broke the news, saying that Takei Emi has a habit of partial eclipse, and the crew members often had to choose restaurants according to Takei's taste during filming.
  • In the film, Ayano plays a guard who covers the burn scars on his face with blond hair. It is said that the setting of the blond hair was proposed by himself.
  • Yu Aoi initially felt that she and Gao Hahui had no similarities at all. Although there were old friends from "Ryoma Den", she still planned to refuse. She said, "If I were a producer, I would never invite Yu Aoi to play the role. Gao Hehui". Later, others persuaded all the way, and finally decided to accept it and challenge this role that had never been tried before.
  • Although Kagawa Teruyuki can't speak of self-destructing image in the film, he also made big changes, such as keeping his head divided by three or seven, wearing dentures, and wearing 15 cm height-enhancing shoes   .
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Rurouni Kenshin Part I: Origins quotes

  • Kenshin Himura: [to Kanryu] you know what money can't buy? What you're begging for right now: your life.

  • [Kenshin is going to kill Jin-E]

    Kaoru Kamiya: KENSHIN, DON'T! Don't become a manslayer again... Please don't kill him... Kenshin... For those who died by your blade... And for everyone whose life you have saved... Please don't kill him... A sword that doesn't kill... A sword that can protect... For this new age of peace... Isn't that what you fought for?

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