Rurouni Kenshin Part I: Origins movie plot

2022-02-04 08:16
During the turbulent era of the end of the period, the enemy and us were constantly attacking, and the other was growing. During this period, countless heroes and masters emerged, and together they wrote the heroic and spectacular history of the Meiji Restoration. Among these people, the legendary swordsman and executioner Pudaozhai of the reform faction is famous, but with the advent of the new era, his figure seems to be hidden in the long river of history.
Meiji 11, Tokyo, Japan. A man called "The Executioner Pulling the Sword" appeared on the street, beheading passers-by for no reason, causing people to panic., a beautiful girl who inherited the Kamiya Dojo from her father , disregarded her personal safety, and recklessly took to the streets to find the sword of the sword. Fortunately, a passing man rescued her at a critical moment. And this man is the long-disappeared Satosai himself, Hiimura Kenshin. Since the success of the Meiji Restoration, he has sworn an oath to never kill another person again. And the person who faked the name of the swordsman to do evil was the bodyguard Udo Bladewho was employed by the black-hearted industrialist Takeda Kanyanagi. Takeda's bright exterior hides his ambition to rule the world. For this reason, he manipulates the female doctor Gao Hahuito make opium and use the huge money earned from drug trafficking to buy weapons everywhere. Takeda's criminal deeds have already attracted the attention of former shogunate Shinsengumi member Saitoichiand the current Meiji government police officer Fujita Goro, but he can't directly intervene until Takeda takes action. At the same time, Takeda plotted to seize the land near the Kamiya Dojo, for which he did not hesitate to kill the local people.
During his brief lingering at Kamiya Dojo, Kenshin really felt the pain of the people around him, so he teamed up with the noisy Sagara Sainosukeand went to the Takeda Mansion, which was guarded by 250 heavy guards   .
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    Aoi Yu has become like this

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    The accident scene is quite big

Rurouni Kenshin Part I: Origins quotes

  • Kenshin Himura: [to Kanryu] you know what money can't buy? What you're begging for right now: your life.

  • [Kenshin is going to kill Jin-E]

    Kaoru Kamiya: KENSHIN, DON'T! Don't become a manslayer again... Please don't kill him... Kenshin... For those who died by your blade... And for everyone whose life you have saved... Please don't kill him... A sword that doesn't kill... A sword that can protect... For this new age of peace... Isn't that what you fought for?

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