Into the Abyss behind the scenes gags

2022-02-04 08:15
  • Six weeks after Herzog's first interview, death row inmate James Barnes wrote to Herzog, implying that he would confess to two more murders he had committed. He did later confess.
  • Michael Perry was executed eight days after the interview was filmed. Apart from him, the other interviewees were alive until the film's premiere.
  • One person offered to talk to Herzog, but his defense attorney refused at the last minute. Herzog immediately agreed to give up the shooting, but asked to keep the opportunity until the right moment.
  • When interviewing Michael Perry, after 120 seconds of chatting, he was suddenly silent. Fortunately, things didn't go wrong.
  • Four months after the first visit to Barnes, Herzog and his film crew were allowed to see Barnes again. Herzog told Barnes what his father brought to his son: "First I love him, Second, I hate the crime he committed."
  • The film features a retired execution captain who suddenly collapses after carrying out 125 executions   .
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  • Darrell 2022-03-28 09:01:14

    May not really fall into the abyss with God watching over

  • Rudy 2022-03-27 09:01:23

    Watching his movies is exhausting

Into the Abyss quotes

  • Fred Allen: Hold still and watch the birds. Once you get up into your life like that, and once you feel good about your life, you do start watching what the birds do. What the doves are doing. Like the hummingbirds. Why are there so many of them.

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