Human Trafficking movie plot

2022-07-11 15:43
"Every day, young girls are being bought and sold." This is the first sentence that appears in the trailer for the film. It's true, and that's exactly what this film from the life network is about, trying to tell the truth about modern slavery. The film shows how women are treated as hair objects, both objects of sexual desire and objects of trade. The film also reveals how close these victims are to us. And what's even more frightening is that the participants in this entire organization may be your neighbors, doctors, children's teachers. And we, as a member of society, should also be responsible for Human Trafficking! If you want to open your eyes and see a real world, this film is made for you.
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Human Trafficking quotes

  • Annie Gray: Do you want to trade my ring for your bracelet? I'm kinda bored with it.

    [Trades the ring and the bracelet]

    Annie Gray: Best friends forever.

  • Nadia Tagarov: Thank you God! Thank you for bringing my father to me!

    Viktor Tagarov: No, Nadia, don't bring God into this. Because here, it's hell.

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