The Mists of Avalon movie plot

2022-06-27 17:33
From the perspective of the three women behind King Arthur who controlled the rise and fall of the country with their spiritual beliefs, get a glimpse of the many conspiracies behind The legend of King Arthur . In the film, Angelica Huston plays Vivian, the chief priest of the misty city of Avalon, who is a goddess of the great lake, with Viafallon's lofty status as her lifelong occupation; Juliana Martha Grace plays Mo Keer, the heir to the appointed priest; Joan Allen plays the murderous Mo Kesi, trying to seize the throne and take over the prosperity of the future. Under the turmoil of heavy fog and rumors and tricks, the situation of the country's survival has been quietly decided. 
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The Mists of Avalon quotes

  • Gwenhwyfar: I took poison from a witch. I slept with you and your friend, and gave myself to your lust and ungodliness, and all for nothing! All for nothing! No baby, no baby. Where is my baby, Arthur?

    Arthur: It is God's hands now, not ours. Don't cry.

    Gwenhwyfar: God does not reward sinners.

  • Gwenhwyfar: You say you are a good man, but you condemn your wife to barrenness for the sake of an oath to painted savages. I despise you, Arthur Pendragon! Neither good Christian, nor good pagan, nor a good husband to me.

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