To End All Wars movie plot

2022-04-09 08:01
This British film is based on a true story, depicting the process of bringing a group of British and American prisoners of war to Burma to build the Death Railway after the Japanese army captured Singapore in World War II   .
In addition to being brutally abused by the Japanese army, the audience can see the tragic experiences of the captives, such as starvation and suffering, injuries and illnesses, and so on. Maintain the will and hope of survival in the environment, and watch one by one comrades leave the world until the war ends. A young Scottish officer, Lieutenant Ernest Gordon, was captured by the Japanese in a battle. Together with Major Campbell and others, he was forced to become the emperor's slaves to build a railway from Thailand to Burma. In the prison camps, they endured brutal torture, but they also forged a strong friendship in the days when life was worse than death. Ernest set up a "jungle university" in the concentration camp to unite the prisoners of war firmly. The brutality of the Japanese army made them intolerable, and Major Campbell finally decided to implement an escape plan, but the failure of the plan made his comrades who had been deeply conflicted with him sacrifice himself to save his life.
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  • Hubert 2022-04-09 08:01:05

    In the face of death, every minute counts for eternity.

  • Krista 2022-04-11 09:01:07

    I don't really understand, the acting is good but some details are very revealing. For example, the "church" hidden deep in the jungle, the bamboo is so neatly woven, and the neat words on the sign are afraid that I can't see that it was printed by a machine. The truth makes me a little out of the way, a very low-level mistake. Religion and anti-war are the themes, but the power of forgiveness, forgive my stupidity, I still don't quite understand. I know that the director wants to express that both sides have humanity in the war, but there is no end to the retribution of grievances and grievances. You can gain the whole world but lose your soul, and nothing can replace your soul. A bit of a "great saint". First, not everyone is human. The ITO has it, his superior may not. Secondly, the probation is too inefficient, and you may be killed by your own stupidity before you succeed. That's why we say that good people don't live long, and bad people live thousands of years. We should learn to forgive, but not the forgiveness of the saints.

To End All Wars quotes

  • Ernest Gordon: How I miss Scotland and the sea. The sea. There's nothing like it in all the earth. Salt in your face, the wind at your back, and all the world before you, and you're freer than a bird in the air or a fish in the ocean. To be free - I reckon that's why I joined the second war to end all wars. I was at the university studying to be a teacher when the call to arms occurred. I was only too eager to put aside my studies for the glory of action. I stopped reading history and became a part of it.

  • Lt. Jim 'Yankee' Reardon: Take a look around you! Take a look in the eyes of these men. You tell me what you see. That's right, Ernie, they're dead already. You know it and I know it. At least with escape, you gave us one thing. Hope. Hope, Ernie. Because without that, we might as well be sitting in there with our thumbs up our ***** waitin' for the end to come! Is that what you want?

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