Ambrose Harris

Ambrose Harris



  • Bleeding Steel Bleeding Steel

    Ambrose 2022-12-22 17:30:08

    "Blood of the Machine" is bloodless and fleshless. Is Jackie Chan old and powerless, or is it difficult to carry the banner of the New Year's Eve?

    It seems that Jackie Chan's "Blood of the Machine" is here again just a few days after watching "British Showdown". It seems that Jackie Chan's disobedience and activity are comparable to all popular movie stars. But Mr. Kou has always been confused, should this be a good thing or a bad thing?

    Objectively speaking, there are works starring Jackie Chan, the international standard, the scale of blockbusters, the commercial temperament, etc. It is not a problem, it can be said to be an...

  • The Mountain II The Mountain II

    Ambrose 2022-11-15 12:23:44

    Embarrassment of secondary syndrome

    The equipment and combat details are OK, it's a grade higher than domestic films, but how come the Turks have the same problem with the Japanese, and they often have two problems? What impressed me the most was that I was nervously shooting with the opponent's sniper. After aiming, I had to read two lines of poems before pulling the trigger. Nima is really not afraid of death. I know you want to learn to save soldiers. The problem is that you learn too badly. I say you. The self-propelled...

  • Boy Erased Boy Erased

    Ambrose 2022-11-12 21:26:40


    But the conversation is for homosexuality to admit that they are wrong and it is filthy because God has left people with the luckiest thing about the inheritance of life. Darwin's theory of evolution involves reproduction. If the same sex is together, then the inheritance and continuation of life cannot be carried out. That is against God's will it is not right we have to admit our mistakes to get God's forgiveness again to be a gift and a blessing from God but obviously this is contrary to...

  • Paisan Paisan

    Ambrose 2022-11-08 03:07:04

    Kracauer's Commentary on "War"

    Roberto Rossellini's Paisan [Italy 1946] surpasses his Open City [Italy 1945] in breadth of vision and significance. Open City was still a drama; Paisan is an epic, comparable only to [The Battleship] Potemkin [USSR 1925, dir. Sergei Eisenstein ], though profoundly different from...

  • Upload Upload

    Ambrose 2022-11-01 01:15:59

    Who knows if we are already living in a "lake view"?

    The impact of technology on our lives has reached unprecedented heights (SPACEX has already launched rockets to space, okay), but make a bold assumption about how to use data to achieve immortality? Just "upload" and you'll still be able to enjoy the food, the view, and even have great sex with your lover, isn't it tempting!

    How feasible and plausible this story setting sounds. But immortality has to pay a price after all. The first thing in the play is the...

  • Enemy Enemy

    Ambrose 2022-10-29 05:04:04

    The key lies in that half photo...

    Schizophrenia, the teacher used to be an actor...
       remember that half-ripped photo he tossed out of? Do you remember what the teacher's mother said just like the actor's family
       ? "Give up the ideal of being a third-rate actor", because his mother knew that he was an actor before...
        The actor was just an actor in the eyes of his wife Helen, but when he went to school, he found that his husband was teaching and didn't know him, so he was shocked. Chin, the sentence that...

  • A Cat in Paris A Cat in Paris

    Ambrose 2022-10-17 04:43:17

    The exquisite warmth of French animation

    A little girl with autism tendency, an agile, kind and lonely thief, a mother who lost her husband and loved her daughter, but was powerless to be a qualified mother because of the nature of her work. The character settings at the beginning are very charming, and the ending is also a happy reunion without tragedy. But at the end, the character twist was a little hasty, the thief's character disappeared inexplicably, the little girl was very cheerful and had no difficulty communicating with...

  • Dracula Dracula

    Ambrose 2022-10-15 12:03:00

    Die together at the moment you love the most

    In fact, this is indeed a love story, but also a comedy story. Because our protagonist is a naive ghost who has lived for 500 years and is very knowledgeable.

    The first episode, so lonely, I want to make myself a bride. Ya failed... many times (have lowered the requirements for men and women, hey). The initial description of the withered appearance is quite self-defeating.

    In the second episode, I'm so bored, I can't bear it, change the...

  • Perfect Stranger Perfect Stranger

    Ambrose 2022-10-13 11:03:06

    The most familiar stranger

    This movie was seen on site b. Interested to see the introduction. So I watched this movie with my little mobile phone on a night with a high moon and wind.
          The entire movie takes place almost at the dinner table. Several couples who thought they knew each other very well played a very thrilling game: put the mobile phone on the dining table, publicize the calls and text messages received during the period... Finally, the game is no longer a game, but a game. The secret is open....

  • Collective Collective

    Ambrose 2022-10-06 08:24:19

    The collective unconscious is still the biggest obstacle to the democratic revolution!

    Compared with the government's lies, corruption, greed and incompetence, I thought the government's naked massacre of people through medical corruption was appalling, but I didn't expect that behind the government's efforts to find the truth and expose the government, it was the people who faced the truth and justice. Indifference, those who call for equality and justice are always the very few, but the indifferent majority still don't care about it. Living in such a country is a big fear in...

  • The Grudge The Grudge

    Ambrose 2022-09-26 13:35:19

    The entire film is completely remade into an American style, and some key characters from the original Japanese version are mentioned. But not very scary

    There is no Gaya, no meows, and Junxiong's role is changed to a little girl. The whole film is full of the visual impact of corrupt corpses, flies, maggots, and a lot of blood spurting. It feels no horror at all, just a bit disgusting.

    Retaining the horrible quack of kayako, this is the essence of the grievance. But it’s not a female ghost who makes such a cry, but a male ghost~ This is embarrassing

    The film mentions the police officer...

  • Wild Strawberries Wild Strawberries

    Ambrose 2022-09-22 07:07:22

    Bergman and Levinas

    This number should not be marked with a movie, but writing a movie review is about writing philosophy, so it doesn't matter.

    You could say Wild Strawberry is talking about the Old, but Bergman's motive, at least from The Virgin Spring, is that of sin. Bergman asks, why are people guilty, and who is judging us?

    In "Wild Strawberry", the two sides of tension are two young people who fall in love with the same girl. "So, does God really exist?" The girl jokingly asked a question...

  • Kurôzu zero Kurôzu zero

    Ambrose 2022-09-16 14:53:18

    Civilians ruled by demons

    The novel themes and fancy fighting scenes add romance and make it possible for beauty to exist under violence. Although there are exaggerated and contrived scenes, there are no extra impurities that are annoying to the eyes. The lens is handled cleanly, and the love scenes at the same time are obviously superfluous. Lin Huitian is just paving the way for the next episode. There are also abrupt points. , the picture is wonderful and smooth, the narrative angle is special and natural, and...

  • The Lost City of Z The Lost City of Z

    Ambrose 2022-09-05 08:46:03

    boring bits and pieces

    Watched an 84-minute movie while being 20 minutes late.
    Overall, this is a quiet and beautiful film. The story is so simple that it can be finished in one sentence - archaeological clues were found in the Amazon but no one believed that the protagonist failed to explore many times and finally disappeared in the depths of the jungle.
    The way the film is narrated seems to be a story read aloud in a toneless manner. But the story itself is all the more captivating under the quiet...

  • Wuthering Heights Wuthering Heights

    Ambrose 2022-09-05 01:21:40

    Radish and greens are good

    Almost everyone said that this version is terrible
    , but I still like
    it. Maybe I was impressed by this book. When I
    read it, I was too young to swallow it whole. I
    couldn't feel the atmosphere strongly,
    but this movie is
    okay ,
    maybe I am only fascinated by the hero and heroine and the beautiful scenery.
    In short, I was moved for a few moments. I
    also think that the soundtrack of Ryuichi Sakamoto
    is very endearing and
    just right .

  • Ambrose 2023-09-28 11:25:51

    I still have to watch this kind of movie a second time. In short, I feel that there is horror, but the depth is not enough!

  • Ambrose 2023-09-28 08:49:50

    The girl fell from the building because of an accident, and the boy took care of the girl to wake up because of the words before the girl fell! Simple story, very moving

  • Ambrose 2023-09-18 11:52:39

    Hello Hulk, Death will not accept you. So the first part is so awesome and the second part was slashed by Wolverine one, two or three.

  • Ambrose 2023-09-15 22:03:30

    I heard that the heroine is now...

  • Ambrose 2023-09-08 13:14:15

    The football movies made by Americans are all unreasonable and purely funny!

  • Ambrose 2023-08-21 18:25:23

    Some wars have nothing to do with us. The movie has always immersed me in a small town vibe with a Sicilian vibe, not bad.

  • Ambrose 2023-08-12 16:36:27

    The name is really too persuasive. But great, great. As the seventh...eighth...ninth art, the carrier of games is still very new and unfamiliar to the general audience, but the essence of games has been imprinted in our DNA as early as hundreds of millions of years ago in the frolic of dinosaur cubs. It is an exercise in life, a filling of oneself with the help of fantasy, a growth, an experience, and a story. Gamers, like performers who bowed deeply on the stage a hundred years ago, and bards wandering the streets a thousand years ago, are creators and communicators of stories. This drama puts the game back into the background and is deeply rooted in the cultural soil of the game (thanks to Ubisoft for sponsoring the Sky Mirror CG), to find resonance with the generalized life, and to find the connection between people, which is originally a game what you're doing. Please watch at least episode 5 anyway, even if it's only episode 5. It is the struggles and triumphs, failures and successes of generations that have led to the entertainment world where countless people live together and exist only in fantasy.

  • Ambrose 2023-08-12 04:10:46

    "Self-owned", the obvious "typo" in the Chinese subtitles translated by Huajian Feng Lishi, is instead the key word in this cleverly conceived story.

  • Ambrose 2023-07-28 23:52:46

    Very interesting piece of life. Women use their cunning, men enjoy irresponsible fun, hunting games, false flattery and real feelings, drama and reality, undercurrents surging in calm, jealousy, tolerance and forgiveness, it is rare to know the truth in crisis. The last few minutes of the film are quite interesting, speaking to the audience, the broken cup. Good night.

  • Ambrose 2023-07-28 20:37:41

    A car accident frightened a femme fatale. She has lost her morals, and she has a life of death. Although the tragic death of a character on the screen will make people feel pity and sorrow, but the scene and screams before she was burned to death alone made me feel good and happy.

  • Ambrose 2023-07-28 10:10:53

    I know that Zunlong plays the role of a female in the film, and I also saved a picture of Wannian's stunning picture a long time ago. But when Mrs. Butterfly actually appeared, I was not amazed until 30 minutes later, it was Zunlong! Really merged with Mrs. Butterfly, he is Mrs. Butterfly. The appearance of men's clothing in the court was twice astonishing, as well as the affectionate revealing in the prison van. The soundtrack is the highlight, and Zunlong's original sound is even more extreme. A day of tears for Mrs Butterfly. (Every time I see wg in a film and television drama, I am scared to death and hate it to death

  • Ambrose 2023-07-28 03:14:36

    Watching this film for Sinia Nixon, I always felt that something was missing. It was warm. Ethan Hawke was a surprise.

  • Ambrose 2023-07-22 11:15:06

    The best movies change a person's values

  • Ambrose 2023-07-17 02:45:34

    This is a serial killer's personal show - Nilson's passion is corpse love, and the motive is also very simple, sexual impulse. When you find that the person is not dead, the impulse disappears, and the victim is let go. He was right in saying that people can't attract attention if they don't die. You see, after 12 deaths, he surrendered himself, and the authorities paid attention to the homeless problem. The writer fell in love with nilson for a moment, and his conscience pulled him back. I kind of understand now why some people worship Shoko Asahara

  • Ambrose 2023-07-10 13:44:15

    In this small story, I remember Yi Shu also wrote a similar one. Although the ending is not happy, it would be really vulgar if it was healed. It's good to love each other and stay together for a long time, but it is also very important to live a complete and dignified life as a human being.