Yamakasi evaluation action

2022-04-09 08:01
The film was greeted with applause when it was released in France. Produced by Luc Besson , the style is the same as his " Taxi " series, in pursuit of speed aesthetics and visual effects, especially the movement design shows the harmonious unity of the graceful posture and rhythmic speed of the human body. The title of the film refers to human beings to tap their physical and psychological potential, and the body and spirit are highly integrated, so that they can integrate with each other and make difficult movements and behaviors, that is, similar to extreme sports. Unlike Spider-Man, the seven members in this film are real extreme sports players, and they complete all difficult movements by themselves. In real life, they have also rescued people in difficult situations . " appeared in the photo.
Continuity: After the two men steal the oil painting from the lady's apartment, in the chase scene on the roof, they can be seen wearing masks and not wearing them from camera to camera.
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    Fortunately, the action can be seen

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    young man depicting cool running

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