Superman: Unbound movie plot

2022-10-19 13:11
On an ordinary day in the metropolis,ウルトラマン( Matt Bomer Matt Bomer) once again rescued Miss Lois Lane ( Stana Katic Stana Katic ) with extraordinary strength . Of course, he and the rebellious little cousin ウルトラマン Kara ( Molly. Quinn Molly C. Quinn dub ) ) and Louise's relationship and troubles are no different from anyone else's. At this time, an unknown object fell into the atmosphere. ウルトラマン came forward to stop it, but found that the visitor was actually a vicious robot. He defeated his opponent with ease, and seemed to be indifferent to such an enemy, but the sad memory in Kara's heart was brought back. It turns out that Krypton had been invaded by this large-scale invasion of the so-called Brainiac robots, and Kara was also forced to separate from her parents.
Realizing the seriousness of the situation, ウルトラマン must try his best to defend the Earth and stop Brainiac's invasion, but at the same time he faces the biggest challenge. 
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Superman: Unbound quotes

  • Brainiac: Your sentimental attachment is grotesque. Even you must realize how worthless they are. Such a savage world. Its scientific achievements paltry, its weapons unimpressive.

    [Lois gives him a double middle finger]

    Brainiac: To think that two Kryptonians chose to call this planet home sickens me. What could Earth have possible offered you?

    Superman: Something you wouldn't know anything about. It's my home. My heart. It gives me strength.

  • Brainiac: Kryptonian trash, you have already failed. I am the knowledge and strength of 10,000 worlds. Neither you nor Metropolis will ever leave this ship. Soon I will have Kandor and then I will destroy your world with a thought.

    Superman: We'll see about that.

    Brainiac: You will see nothing. You are nothing. A specimen to dissect. A genus to analyze...

    Supergirl: Hey, plug-head.

    [punches Brainiac]

    Supergirl: You talk too much.

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