The Warrior movie plot

2022-04-08 08:01
At the beginning of the Ming Dynasty in China, in the 457th year of the founding of Goryeo, the 31st generation citizen Wang, who had maintained friendly relations with the Ming Dynasty, was killed. The relationship between the two countries is facing a crisis. The Ming Dynasty has just been established, the political situation is unstable, and the new king of Koryo has just entered the battle. The envoy sent by the Ming Dynasty to Koryo was killed on the way back to the country, which intensified the contradiction between the two countries. In order to salvage the rapidly deteriorating relations between the two countries, Goryeo soon dispatched envoys and 9 The Warriors to the Ming Dynasty, hoping to resolve the misunderstanding. Lu Shuai was one of them, but the two sides did not make peace, and the Goryeo mission was exiled by Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang. A group of men encountered Princess Furong who was plundered by Yuan soldiers. General Goryeo fell in love with Princess Furong at first sight and decided to save Princess Furong. 
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  • Letha 2022-04-08 09:01:13

    Zheng Yucheng used to play a samurai before. I remember the actor who liked this film back then. Damn, that's right.

  • Hazle 2022-04-13 09:01:07

    The high school organization looked better than expected, but it was more bloody

The Warrior quotes

  • Princess Bu-yong: You could have killed me! I am a Princess!

    Yeo-sol: Stop yelling at me! Don't think you can do anything you like just because you are a Princess!

    Princess Bu-yong: Unhand me!

    [English translation subtitles from Mandarin Chinese in Korean language film]

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