Ryan's Daughter movie plot

2022-04-07 08:01
In 1916, in Ireland during the First World War, the cheerful girl Rosie Ryan, the principal of the primary school, who was much older than her . The two vowed to marry soon. On their wedding night, Rosie and Charles had an unpleasant altercation, and both suffered from it. The incoming garrison commander, Major Randover, fell in love with Rosie at first sight, and the people in the village talked a lot. Old traditional ideas and a case of fornicating the German army to sell arms caused the people in the village to ruthlessly punish Rosie. Rosie's husband, Charles, can't quell the anger of the people, but Father Colinarrives to quell the anger of the villagers. Randover mistook Rosie for abandoning him and committed suicide. Rosie, angry with the villagers' secular prejudice, left the backward and troubled mountain village with her husband   .
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    8.2 The blue sea and blue sky live where I raised me The sea breeze blows my hair The waves moisten my skin The flowers kiss my cheek Everyone here treats me like a princess and pampers me as if I already own the whole world Why is it still lonely and unbearable for the sea breeze My heart chords, the waves rush my passion, the flowers bloom into my spring heart, I really own the whole world, everyone here treats me like a bitch, and the sea wind rips through my hair, the waves hit my skin, and the flowers stab me. My cheeks are blue, blue, and blue, where I raise me, but there is no place for tolerance, fraternity, understanding, rest after war trauma, and a woman's erotic desires from body and mind

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    Lean's epic STYLE shows the repressed desires of young women and the love triangle that ensues, and the idea of ​​Irish independence as a backdrop is simply incomparable to the Russian Revolution. But the cinematic spectacle brought by nature makes this movie not ugly

Ryan's Daughter quotes

  • Rosy Ryan: You always think the best of people, don't you?

    Charles Shaughnessy: Why not?

  • Father Collins: Where have you been?

    Rosy Ryan: Ridin' - with Major Doryan.

    Father Collins: You're bold as brass! You think that's a suitable connection for a decent Irish wife?

    Rosy Ryan: I think that is for my - husband to say, Father.

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