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2022-04-07 08:01
Although the film uses the eyes of two girls with the same name to understand this unfamiliar world, the film is full of unexplained images, so it may have been a simple and innocent story, but it is buried in irony. Sex, in too formalized images   .
"Daisies" is the most personal and visually striking work of the 1960s. The film is not only narrative chaos, but also breaks the rules of audio-visual language. With colorful images, gorgeous visual styles, and surrealistic narratives, welcome to the fantasy paradise of feminism. This is a paradise for two inseparable girls who share the same name - Mary, which may suggest that one girl is a lookalike or inner psychological reflection of the other. Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere. Marys want to break this boring world that is bound by rules and regulations. They use games to deconstruct and subvert this smug fallen world, and fall happily in their own way. The film set the pattern for many later feminist films—the exile of two lonely women—and to some extent implicitly alludes to homosexuality among women.
Yet this fusion of feminism and anarchism, like all slick-looking flicks, is in danger of being superficial. This presents a common paradox, the dialectical relationship between the form and the content of the work. "Daisies"'s dazzling shots and avant-garde editing make the film's feminist stance an itch for reality. Unless the audience cares less about the depth and authenticity of the film, and sees it as a purely visual feast, it is likely that they will be confused by the theme and content of the film and spend an hour and a half in the dark   .
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Extended Reading
  • Tiara 2022-04-09 09:01:09

    Czech New Wave works. The shocking picture composition, the neurotic daily life of the two little girls, can be said to have no theme and no plot, an emotional pioneering experimental film. It's not hard to imagine how much nutrition the descendants of Iwai's youth films have gained from them, paying tribute to the maverick youth, and the subtitle at the end of the film is the proof, "I would like to dedicate this film to those whose spiritual life is chaotic."

  • Jeanette 2022-04-11 09:01:07

    The masterpiece of the Czech New Wave, uninhibited and indulgent, overflowing with the power of destruction, destruction, blasphemy and deconstruction. 1. A large number of fragment collages (whether in narrative form or content elements, such as collages on interior walls) and high-speed editing, densely-themed photo-cuts or stacks of photos within a single shot inserted from time to time. 2. Two games of destroying the traditional film space: abruptly changing the space when matching clips (action or line of sight), breaking the coherence; changing different filters in the same shot or in the same space (same as Godard). 3. Colorful special effects shots: the rails behind the speeding train. 4. When two fallen girls play pranks or troubles, match the classical holy joy, subverting morality and religion. 5. The war (air raids, explosions, nuclear bombs) scenes at the beginning and end set the tone and point of the whole film - the collective evil and desire for destruction, or even the entire human race. 6. Scissors are an important image. First, cut bananas, eggs and other things into pieces at will, until the bodies of both sides are cut into pieces - collage. 7. The scenes of stealing food, stepping on feet and throwing food to each other during the climax banquet are easy to cause physical discomfort. 8. Light the hanging paper tape, cover the body with the butterfly specimen, and tie the newspaper clothes. (9.0/10)

Daisies quotes

  • Marie i: Another piece of yummy meat!

  • Marie II: I'm bored.

    Marie i: I can't keep thinking up new things all the time.

    Marie II: I'll have to think of a worse life.

    Marie i: Yeah.

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