Daisies behind the scenes gags

2022-04-07 08:01
  • The film is Věra Chytilová's second feature film.
  • "Daisies" was immediately banned by Czechoslovak authorities until 1967   . Director Věra Chytilova was also characterized as "politically unreliable" for making the film, and was suppressed by the authorities and forced to suspend all creative activities until 1975, when the World Organization for Women intervened to ask about Chitilova. Regain a chance to make a film  .
  • Věra Chytilová called the film "   .
  • Věra Chytilová mentioned in an interview: "Daisies is a film that warns young people that it is critical rather than praiseful of the two girls in it"  .
  • Věra Chytilová mentioned in the interview that the performance of the heroine in the film draws on Czech puppet art  .
  • The two heroines changed a total of ten sets of clothes in the film  .
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  • Cristina 2022-04-11 09:01:07

    At the end of the film, it is said that this film is dedicated to people whose spiritual life is messed up.

  • Vicenta 2022-04-11 09:01:07

    I watched it when I was very sleepy in the middle of the night. I thought I would definitely fall asleep watching it, but the more I watched it, the more awake I became. It was really a gorgeous film. Dedicated to those whose spiritual world is extremely chaotic, hehe. It was those two girls who kept eating, and I was so hungry in the middle of the night...

Daisies quotes

  • Marie iMarie II: We can try anything once.

  • Marie II: Do you feel how life flies?

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