Daisies behind the scenes gags

2022-04-07 08:01
  • The film is Věra Chytilová's second feature film.
  • "Daisies" was immediately banned by Czechoslovak authorities until 1967   . Director Věra Chytilova was also characterized as "politically unreliable" for making the film, and was suppressed by the authorities and forced to suspend all creative activities until 1975, when the World Organization for Women intervened to ask about Chitilova. Regain a chance to make a film  .
  • Věra Chytilová called the film "   .
  • Věra Chytilová mentioned in an interview: "Daisies is a film that warns young people that it is critical rather than praiseful of the two girls in it"  .
  • Věra Chytilová mentioned in the interview that the performance of the heroine in the film draws on Czech puppet art  .
  • The two heroines changed a total of ten sets of clothes in the film  .
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Extended Reading
  • Jeanette 2022-04-11 09:01:07

    The masterpiece of the Czech New Wave, uninhibited and indulgent, overflowing with the power of destruction, destruction, blasphemy and deconstruction. 1. A large number of fragment collages (whether in narrative form or content elements, such as collages on interior walls) and high-speed editing, densely-themed photo-cuts or stacks of photos within a single shot inserted from time to time. 2. Two games of destroying the traditional film space: abruptly changing the space when matching clips (action or line of sight), breaking the coherence; changing different filters in the same shot or in the same space (same as Godard). 3. Colorful special effects shots: the rails behind the speeding train. 4. When two fallen girls play pranks or troubles, match the classical holy joy, subverting morality and religion. 5. The war (air raids, explosions, nuclear bombs) scenes at the beginning and end set the tone and point of the whole film - the collective evil and desire for destruction, or even the entire human race. 6. Scissors are an important image. First, cut bananas, eggs and other things into pieces at will, until the bodies of both sides are cut into pieces - collage. 7. The scenes of stealing food, stepping on feet and throwing food to each other during the climax banquet are easy to cause physical discomfort. 8. Light the hanging paper tape, cover the body with the butterfly specimen, and tie the newspaper clothes. (9.0/10)

  • Amara 2022-04-07 08:01:02

    My two favorite shots are the hint of castration and cutting each other into pieces, ending with the two of them holding a post in the water (a metaphor of the phallus) calling for help in a vain attempt to restore order, and watching this in a night of mental chaos sorrow. ps a Slavic language is actually spoken so loudly (but contrived innocence and coquettishness are also a kind of provocative gesture)

Daisies quotes

  • Marie i: Now I'm lying here and now imagine it wasn't me.

  • Marie i: Well, why?

    Marie II: Why is the water here?

    Marie i: Why?

    Marie II: Why is there a river?

    Marie i: Why?

    Marie II: Tell me.

    Marie i: Why?

    Marie II: Why am I cold?

    Marie i: Why? Well, why?

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