What's New Pussycat movie plot

2022-04-06 08:01
Victor, a "dresser" of strippers in a nightclub called "Parisian", although there are countless beautiful girls in the backstage, Victor, who is cowardly and submissive by nature, can never find a woman. And the magazine editor James, who is not afraid of anything but marriage, is the object of almost all women's pursuit, and even needs a bodyguard to stop the crazy women.
Carolis a beautiful female teacher, the most promising of all the women who pursue James, but she is still hesitating. She was very infatuated with James and was willing to marry him, but she felt that there were too many women around James, and James was not a clean man. A beautiful female teacher, a married woman, a stripper, a group of women besieged James, James was at a loss for a moment.
In the end, James decided to marry Carroll, but other women didn't let him off so easily. So in a country house staged a grand farce. 
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  • Davonte 2022-04-19 09:03:16

    A bunch of famous names

  • Constance 2022-04-19 09:03:16

    So happy, watching Lawrence of Arabia all kinds of funny.

What's New Pussycat quotes

  • Michael James: I want to hear your poems.

    Liz Bien: Oh, all right. But behave.

    Michael James: Yes, sure. I - I love erotic poems.

    Liz Bien: Oh, it's not erotic, it's political.

    Michael James: Is it?

    Liz Bien: Mm-hm. Oh, yeah. I wrote this at Hillside Hospital, just after my fourth nervous breakdown. Um! Two, three, four: "Who killed Charlie Parker? Um! You did. You - rat!" I dedicate this next poem...

    Michael James: Yes. Well, it's been an interesting evening.

  • Carole Werner: Victor, can I have a drink?

    Victor Shakapopulis: Sure, what would you like?

    Carole Werner: A triple Scotch on the rocks. Sometimes a drink will loosen me up. You've got something to eat?

    Victor Shakapopulis: Some, uh, some Fig Newtons and some Hershey bars and some cough drops.

    Carole Werner: You got any tuna fish?

    Victor Shakapopulis: Tuna fish, tuna fish. Uh, tuna fish.

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