Sanshiro Sugata evaluation action

2022-02-07 14:44
"Zi Sanshiro" tells the resonance of "Martial Spirit" and life. The details of the entire movie are very in place, from the costumes, architecture, etiquette, tolerance, etc., are so appropriate, which has a considerable relationship with Wind Man's well-thought-out script. The growth of a judo genius has always been immature from a stunned "boy", but it is this immaturity that creates the ultimate pursuit of martial arts. To become a jade, you need to think about it. The process of Zisanshilang is to respect the tradition, especially The reproduction of the samurai spirit, adapting to the requirements of the environment. In the theme song of the movie, "Let's go relaxed and happy, and come back in awe." Wind Man shapes the battle scenes in a different way each time. Expressed with male affection and only pumping to the end, this strongly stylized film finally realized the pursuit of Wind Man   .
Although "Zi Sanshiro" is an entertainment film, it contains many secrets of the Wind Man movie. The film has two structures, one is the scene showing 7 times of judo, and the other is the process of Shisanshiro's mind training.
Wind Man is an early Asian director who consciously used Hollywood techniques. For example, the application of the opening track of "Toshi Sanshiro", and he used a vertical track, and the perspective is the subjective perspective of Zi Sanshiro, and he kindly led the audience into the movie. The 7 judo scenes were edited neatly and in one go. Japanese fighting films usually show the action in one long shot, while "Tsu Sanshiro" breaks down the short fight into multiple shots, and there are more layers.
Wind Man insists on writing and directing, editing by himself, and his stories are full of drama. For example, the routine of "little junior sister doesn't love senior brother" is used, which is a panacea for unfolding the plot. Of course, he created some patterns. Zisanshiro began to vote for the "Shinming Live Killing faction" by mistake. He was going to attack Yano Masagoro that night, and the latter's superb martial arts master Zisanshiro turned to his name, and laid the groundwork for this plot. This plot was copied by Stephen Chow in Fist of Fury 1991 . The final duel of the film is placed in the thatch, the grass is very high, the wind is strong, and the drafting is swaying. In Jet Li's version of " Fist of Legend ", the fight between Chen Zhen and Fumio Funakoshi is a clone of this scene   .
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Extended Reading
  • Enid 2022-04-19 09:02:54

    The narrative is flawed, but the rhythm is slow and fast, and the focus is completely back on the philosophy of judo rather than martial arts. Clogs, umbrellas, lotus flowers, bamboo leaves, grasslands and rushing clouds are all created by everyone.

  • Raleigh 2022-04-20 09:02:32

    Akira Kurosawa is so talented! The first movie is good enough.

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