Selfie behind the scenes gags

2022-06-25 13:40
1. John Cho is an excellent comedian. Although star power is not everything, John is likely to take on the role of Henry because of the potential of the show. Henry is witty and candid, in stark contrast to Eliza, who is fanciful and narcissistic. The presence of John makes the audience feel relieved. He has always been known for farce movies, and he is actually a very talented actor. With him, "Selfie" has a sense of authenticity. 
2. The main creator of the show, Emily Kepnek, was the executive producer of " Suburgatory ". She knows how to make characters cute and believable. The interpretation will become an important highlight of "Selfie". 
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  • Frieda 2022-06-25 18:47:23

    I love this show, it's so sad to be cut. But it is really not like the style of American dramas. The male and female protagonists have always been ambiguous. They like each other, but they have never even rolled or kissed the sheets. The girl's heart of the details suddenly came so suddenly that she was caught off guard. For the first time, I got a strong sense of CP from the East and the West. The various characters are vivid and full, and some problems in modern society are discussed. While preparing for the exam, watching a few episodes every day is very happy and relaxing.

  • Cora 2022-06-25 17:21:29

    [Poison Tongue Movie Push] "A hug that is indifferent and abstinence is tied to the critical point is really cute and wins countless hand-to-hand fights" I watched the sixth episode 50 times...

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