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2022-03-27 08:01
  • As early as 2005, Showtime, FX, TNT, HBO and many other TV stations all threw the "Breaking Bad" script handed in their hands into the trash. The reason for the high-level is very simple: no one wants to watch a middle-aged uncle. The story of a drug dealer in New Mexico, and he's a big villain.
  • With a high score of 99 (out of 100) on the authoritative rating website Metacritic, the show was written into the Guinness Book of World Records in 2014 as "the world's highest rated TV series".
  • Before becoming poison Heisenberg, Bryan Cranston was an authentic comedian.
  • Cranston had an intersection with producer Gilligan before he became an old white. In 1998, Gilligan was also one of the lead writers on The X-Files, in which Cranston played a grotesque viral infection.
  • At the time, AMC's favorite "old white" candidate was John Cusack, but Cusack was not interested. Ultimately, Cranston landed the important role that made him a late bloomer.
  • The disabled "Little White" Walt Jr. is pure and innocent, and his slurred speech and inconvenience of movement once made fans of the show exclaimed for his acting skills. But in fact, Xiaobai's actor RJ Mitte is also a patient with cerebral palsy in life, but he doesn't need crutches very much.
  • Tuco is one of the most impressive characters on the show. But Raymond Cruz, who played him, was reluctant at first, and he couldn't resist accepting the order after watching the navigation episode.
  • Old White's bowler hat is the most iconic "Poison Master ICON", and now it has been owned by Bryan Cranston himself and brought home as a souvenir.
  • Bob Odenkirk, who plays Saul the sultry lawyer, joined the group in the second half of season two, but he hadn't seen any of the episodes at the time. This matter has been concealed for a long time, and it was later discovered by Lao Bai.
  • Dean's youngest son was born midway through the filming of "Poison," whom he named Vince by his middle name. Dean originally wanted to name the child Hank, but was opposed by his wife.
  • One of the big cases that Lao Bai has committed is "stealing trains". He took Xiaofan and new apprentice Todd together to steal methylamine. The scene took four days to shoot. Filmed next to a small town on the Mexican border, the road is a real railroad track.
  • Treating corpses with hydrofluoric acid is Lao Bai's unique secret. The scene where the corrosive liquid soaked the ceiling is still shocking to think about. There was once a popular science program dedicated to "Breaking Bad", which verified the corrosiveness of hydrofluoric acid, but it turned out that the show was still exaggerated a lot.  
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  • Jerad 2022-03-28 09:01:14

    In addition to the scribbled arrangement of events at the end, the portrayal of Walter's inner evolution is really wonderful! His habit of power, thirst for money, and dissatisfaction with his situation all subtly change a person's fate. The light of good in the breeding of evil is still moving, but the foundation of black humor has more and more gray bubbles. The Midway Mexican Little Band was a genius. Jesse's personality is basically stereotyped, laying the foundation for the subsequent transformation.

  • Francisca 2022-04-24 07:01:26

    "u have a good rest of your life." Unforutunately, I dont think so. Compared to the first season, this season is more cinematic, I like it

Seven Thirty-Seven quotes

  • Jesse Pinkman: [processing ricin] That's all it takes?

    Walter White: That's all it takes.

    Jesse Pinkman: So, now what?

    Walter White: Now we arrange our next meet. In a public place this time. Nice and safe. Business as usual. And, uh, after we sell him our usual four pounds, then we'll pull this out. "By the way, Tuco, this is a new meth formula we've been working on. Would you care to try it?"

    Jesse Pinkman: Okay, well, what's new about it? I mean, you know, just in case he asks. What do we say?

    Walter White: I don't know. Whatever you want. It gets the user insanely high. I mean, how much salesmanship do we really need? That degenerate snorts anything he gets his hands on.

  • Hank Schrader: Yeah, I recognize these two knobjobs. Known associates of a psychotic piece of shit named Tuco Salamanca.

    Steven Gomez: Guess he got tired of associating.

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