Seven Thirty-Seven movie plot

2022-03-27 08:01
The conflict with Tucohas taught Walterand Jessethe dangers and bloodshed in the drug industry, and Tuco's death has taught "Master and Apprentice" The two lost their only shipping channel, and in an instant, Walter fell into the dilemma of having goods in hand but no sales. Jesse decided to expand her sales channels through her friends. Although she gained a lot in a short period of time, the unexpected surprises that followed made Jesse understand that this was not a long-term move. The relationship between Walter and his wife Skylerbegins to grow increasingly strained, and Walter's cancer recovery brings a glimmer of hope to their relationship. Jesse meets a landlady named Jane, and the two fall in love. However, Jane was once an "addict", and with Jesse, what will happen to her fate. 
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Seven Thirty-Seven quotes

  • Skyler White: I need support. Me! The almost 40-year old pregnant woman with the surprise baby on the way and the husband with lung cancer who disappears for hours on end and I don't know where he goes and he barely even speaks to me anymore with the moody son who does the same thing and the overdrawn checking account and the lukewarm water heater that leaks rusty looking crap and, and is rotting out the floor of the utility closet and we can't even afford to fix it but OHH, I see, now I am supposed to go 'Hank, please what can I possibly do to further benefit my spoiled, kleptomaniac, bitch sister who somehow always manages to be the center of attention, cuz God knows, she is the one with the really important problems.

    Hank Schrader: Want me to take a look at that utility closet?

  • Walter White: [Walt tries to figure how much they need to make for his family to be financially secure] Adjusting for inflation-a good state college-adjusting for inflation, say $45,000 dollars a year. Two kids, 4 years of college: $360,000 dollars; remaining mortgage on the home: $107,000; Home equity line: $30,000; That's $137,000. Costs of living: food, clothing, utilities: say, two-grand a month. That should put a dent in it anyway. 24K a year provide, for say, 10 years, that's $240,000 dollars, plus 360 plus 137: Seven-thirty-seven. $737,000 dollars, that's what I need. You and I both clear about 70 grand a week, that's only 10 1/2 more weeks call it, or eleven. Eleven, call it eleven more drug deals and always in a public place from now on. It's doable. Definitely doable.

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