Seven Thirty-Seven movie plot

2022-03-27 08:01
The conflict with Tucohas taught Walterand Jessethe dangers and bloodshed in the drug industry, and Tuco's death has taught "Master and Apprentice" The two lost their only shipping channel, and in an instant, Walter fell into the dilemma of having goods in hand but no sales. Jesse decided to expand her sales channels through her friends. Although she gained a lot in a short period of time, the unexpected surprises that followed made Jesse understand that this was not a long-term move. The relationship between Walter and his wife Skylerbegins to grow increasingly strained, and Walter's cancer recovery brings a glimmer of hope to their relationship. Jesse meets a landlady named Jane, and the two fall in love. However, Jane was once an "addict", and with Jesse, what will happen to her fate. 
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  • Fabiola 2022-04-24 07:01:26

    He is a down-and-out chemical prince, but his arrogant soul is not to be outdone. Awaken that half of the devil in your body and give mediocrity a chance for redemption. He will continue to grope forward in the abyss of sin with a scarred heart. People who don't know how to let go can't change anything. We will eventually become old whites who are born to die, or little fans who will never lose their love. Life is a crack, and there are always people who fall deeper and deeper. What should be gained has not been obtained, and what should be lost has long been lost.

  • Eloisa 2022-04-01 09:01:19

    I personally think it's still great! 666

Seven Thirty-Seven quotes

  • Hank Schrader: [at a crime scene] Oh, this is beautiful. Hey, someone call Jay Leno. We got the world's dumbest criminal. This guy wasn't murdered. Look. Big stuff here was, uh, moving this guy's body when the, uh... the stack must have shifted. Crushed his arm, pinned him here, and he, uh, he bled out.

    Steven Gomez: Poetic justic. Oh, I love it.

    Hank Schrader: Don't you just? Hey, hey, get a photo of me with this guy, all right?

    [posing next to the body]

    Hank Schrader: Old stumpy here. Make sure you get the stump in there.

  • Jesse Pinkman: [processing ricin] That's all it takes?

    Walter White: That's all it takes.

    Jesse Pinkman: So, now what?

    Walter White: Now we arrange our next meet. In a public place this time. Nice and safe. Business as usual. And, uh, after we sell him our usual four pounds, then we'll pull this out. "By the way, Tuco, this is a new meth formula we've been working on. Would you care to try it?"

    Jesse Pinkman: Okay, well, what's new about it? I mean, you know, just in case he asks. What do we say?

    Walter White: I don't know. Whatever you want. It gets the user insanely high. I mean, how much salesmanship do we really need? That degenerate snorts anything he gets his hands on.

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