Shades of Blue movie plot

2022-10-22 17:23
NBC paid the season's highest development fee for one of the season's most high-profile projects: Shades Of Blue. The reason for that is because the show will be starring Jennifer Lopez, a high-cost actress (who was asked for $15 million in "American Idol"). Jennifer Lopez will be co-producing with longtime American Idol co-star Ryan Seacrest, but . Israeli journalist). It is said that the show is expected to start filming in 2015 and air in the 2015-2016 season (but certainly not in the fall). It is said to be a complex cop drama about single mother and detective Harlee McCord (Jennifer Lopez) who is forced to agree to help the federal investigation when she is investigated by the FBI's anti-corruption division for her corruption. The Bureau undertakes a top-secret undercover mission in exchange for amnesty. Harlee comes from a very efficient, very cohesive police service with a high crime detection rate. Yet her new job could lead her to betray her own colleagues, as well as her colleagues who had been helping her raise her daughter until then. Harlee's brothers are all cops, but in order to get her redemption, Harlee has to stand on the opposite side of the brothers, which puts her in a moral dilemma. 
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