The Bureau movie plot

2022-04-14 08:01
Paul Lefebvre and his girlfriend in Damascus left without saying goodbye, and returned to Paris from Syria. This man who wore a suit and coat all day long, taciturn but elegant and dashing returned to the beautiful and secret office. Before that, his girlfriend in Damascus and most of the people in the war-torn city thought of this middle-aged man as a solid teacher and a self-confessed talented half-ass writer who possessed the peculiar redemption of Europeans. Heart and humanitarian spirit, in his spare time writing a book manuscript that will never be completed. But in fact, his name is not Paul Lefebvre, he may be Guillaume Debay, or it may be some other French name that is not very loud, when colleagues in the Paris office welcome him back, They also called him "rough guy" - this is his code name, this absurd and a bit nasty code name is the closest to his true identity. He was a French agent working in a department called "Le Bureau des Légendes", where everyone quietly operated a computer, answered the phone, and remotely controlled the fate and death of people thousands of kilometers away from France. 
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