Tragedy Girls movie plot

2022-06-30 22:56
A pair of best friends originally hoped to use their status as amateur reporters to track down local serial killers, so as to increase the popularity of their "Sisters Killing" channel. However, in an unintentional accident, they found that the way to get the praise and click rate of netizens may be to kill these bad people themselves, so they started to kill. As their community exploded overnight, could their friendship withstand the pressure that came with it? Will their secrets behind killing bad guys be revealed? Will they get the coveted blue tick   ?
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Tragedy Girls quotes

  • McKayla Hooper: We're totally gonna have to start wearing masks if we keep dressing this good. People gon' know it's us.

  • Jordan Welch: If Sadie needs, like, an alibi or something just to get her out of a jam just tell her she can say she was with me watching some Dario Argento movie, okay?

    McKayla Hooper: Dario DiGiorno.

    Jordan Welch: D-Dario Argen-Argento...

    McKayla Hooper: Dario Arpeggio.

    McKayla Hooper: Mario Wario.

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