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2022-04-11 08:01
"Soul Men" shoots a comedy musical film in the name of a documentary to commemorate the soul group Sam & Dave. Although there is a tribute, the original component is even greater. As a musical comedy, the film did not follow the traditional song and dance mode, nor did it adopt the funny mode of traditional comedy, but went to the structure of small bridges to support the audience. Whether it's the performance of the two protagonists being cheered by the audience, or the "old and unruly" jokes in the film, you can see the director's positioning of the film. As a film commemorating the soul band, the beautiful music is indispensable. In the film, the audience can not only enjoy a large number of new interpretations of the songs of Sam & Dave, but also the powerful behind-the-scenes music team provides wonderful soundtracks for the film.   .
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Soul Men quotes

  • Louis Hinds: [opens the door for Floyd to leave] get the fuck out.

    Floyd Henderson: Well, I guess you don't give a fuck about the money then, huh?

    Louis Hinds: What money? It's a funeral! Don't nobody get paid to sing at no damn funeral!

    [suddenly looks at Louis and raises his eyebrows]

    Louis Hinds: How much?

    Floyd Henderson: Forty grand.

    Louis Hinds: [closes the door] Apiece?

    Floyd Henderson: No, down the middle.

    Louis Hinds: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, NO. That ain't even enough.

    Floyd Henderson: The fuck you mean "that's not enough", man?

    Louis Hinds: I got a lifestyle to maintain here!

    Floyd Henderson: What kinda lifestyle, man? You filthy motherfucker! You got a pantry full of dogfood, but I don't see no dog!

    Louis Hinds: Dog under the bed, Nigga! You lucky he ain't attacked your ass when you came in!

    Floyd Henderson: YOU THE DOG, MOTHERFUCKER!

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