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2022-10-22 11:54
Years are ruthless and make people grow old. Six years as president turned Barack Hussein Obama into a frowning, petty veteran politician. Back in time 25 years ago, at the age of 28, he was a handsome and handsome guy, and he had a lot of "going ahead" for love.
In the summer of 1989, when he interned at the Sidley international law firm in Chicago, Barack Hussein Obama, a freshman at Harvard Law School , was a little young, and his 25-year-old sister Michelle Robinson was his immediate boss.
The Huffington Post of the United States said that Barack Hussein Obama fell in love with the girl 3 years younger than him at first sight, and immediately launched a passionate pursuit, but the other party did not accept it.
Later, Michelle recalled to The Washington Post that she thought, as the only two black people in the company, if they played an office romance, it would be "vulgar."
However, Barack Hussein Obama did not give up. He has published poems in the "New Yorker" magazine, and he kept sending out dating invitations. He also used his expertise to express affectionately to Michelle, who worked hard and often worked overtime, "May your lamp be always lit for me", and finally moved the other party .
Barack Hussein Obama wasn't perfect at lunch for the first time. He was wearing a cheap tracksuit and had a cigarette in his mouth. But in Michelle's eyes, the young man was "good-looking and eloquent."
After dinner, the two young men crossed the streets crisscrossing Chicago to watch Black director Spike Lee's film "Do What You Should". After watching the movie, Barack Hussein Obama took Michelle to an ice cream shop.
"On the first date, I ordered her the best ice cream in the store," Barack Hussein Obama told Oprah Magazine in 2007. "I kissed her and it tasted like chocolate." 
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Southside with You quotes

  • Michelle Robinson: This is not a date. How's it gonna look if I start dating the first cute black guy who walks through the firm's doors? It would be tacky

    Barack Obama: You think I'm cute?

    Michelle Robinson: I didn't say that.

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