Spectre movie plot

2021-10-18 09:27
James Bondis an orphan who grew up in Scotland, and Tianmu Manor carries his childhood memories. When the Tianmu Manor was blown up, only one old surviving photo struck Bond. In the photo, Bond's father is standing between Bond and another child whose identity is suspicious.
Under the guidance of the deceased Mrs. M, Bond embarked on a mysterious mission. From Mexico City to finally Rome, he met the glamorous Lucia Skira, and she is a notorious widow of the Italian Mafia, where Bond sneaked into a secret meeting and revealed the secret behind an evil organization called the Ghost Party.
However, the new head of the National Security Center in London, Max Denbidoubted the purpose of Bond’s action and challenged Mr. Min power. The status of MI6. However, Bond secretly summoned Chan Banniand Dr. Qto help him find his rival’s daughter, Madeleine SwanThe whereabouts of Madeleine Swann holds clues to the secrets of the Ghost Party. As the daughter of a killer, Swan knew Bond better than most people. Just as Bond ventured into the center of the Ghost Party, he learned that he and the enemy he was looking for Franz Oberhaushas a terrifying connection.
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  • Malvina 2021-10-20 19:00:57

    From the theme song to the feature film are disappointing. The scene changes from dark to bright without any transition, and it brightens my dog's eyes many times. The general idea of ​​the plot is quite similar to this year's Mission: Impossible, but the latter's story is more reasonable, smooth and exciting than this film. If it weren't for the hero and heroine's sake, this film would never be able to stand. If you really want to watch it, just wait to download it. Watch it in the theater, so many years of eye exercises have been done for nothing.

  • Joana 2022-03-24 09:01:15

    4.0 The production is average, the script is bad, smelly and long, pay me back

Spectre quotes

  • James Bond: [whispers to Madeleine] One minute. One minute.

    Blofeld: Did he say something?

    James Bond: Tempus fugit.

    Blofeld: What?

    James Bond: Tempus fugit.

    Blofeld: I can't hear you, James.

    James Bond: I said, doesn't time fly?

    [Madeleine tosses the watch to Blofeld and it explodes, destroying the torture machine and knocking Blofeld unconscious]

  • Blofeld: You see, they failed to comprehend the crucial fact that a terrible event can lead to something wonderful.

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