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2022-10-19 22:25
On September 21, 2012, The CW Television Network Television Network purchased a series called " Oxygen ", which was written by Meredith Averill, who wrote the screenplay for " Good Wife " . On January 25, 2013, The The CW Television Network Television Network announced the production of a pilot episode of the series, which will be directed by Gary Fryder.
On May 9, 2013, The CW Television Network announced that it had ordered the series and renamed it "Star-Crossed".
The story of this play takes place 10 years after aliens came to earth, so it belongs to the "near future era". There's a lot of surreal scenes in the show - it looks real, but it's full of sci-fi. For example, in a campus restaurant scene in the first episode of Film, the students use the "holographic screen" to order food for themselves, and the mobile phones used by the students are also a "new concept product".
While the show's protagonists are Emery and Roman, some secondary characters cannot be ignored. Emery and Roman's respective fathers play a key role in whether Earth and aliens can live in peace.sadly, they had a conflict in the first episode. Emery's friend Julia (a fan of The Vampire Diaries should be familiar with Malese Jow) is also important. She was dying, and the advanced medical technology of the Atrians might save her life. Another character makes a decision about whether or not to save Julia, which has a major impact on the development of the entire plot.
Talking about how to view the TV series "Star-Crossed", Aimee Teegarden said: "This TV series contains a lot of sci-fi elements, but high school life is the root of the development of the plot, and we have become deeper and deeper into it.
In the show, we high school students have a lot of questions: Where did these aliens come from? What is the real situation on this planet? What are the different factions of aliens? What is their culture like? Will our doubts about these aliens diminish over time? How did they come to earth, and what was their real purpose here? Did other different aliens come here too? As sci-fi fans on the show, we are fascinated by these questions and many other things. "
For the three young lead actors, did they have embarrassing experiences or bizarre behaviors in high school or middle school that made other classmates feel like they were "alien"? Grey Damon was the first to respond: "I've always been on my own planet [laughs]. I mean, there's always a certain stage in adolescence when people are weird and you need to figure out the world around you and the world around you. people, although I sometimes do outrageous things, but overall I don't feel like I'm too much." Matt Lanter also said: "I think everyone would probably say they had this weird period, or I feel like I'm different from most other people, but the period is always short, at least I am. So I think we can all pick out something weird in our own life, or something like aliens do ."
Although the two male protagonists tacitly answered this question, Aimee Teegarden has a different opinion: "I am the most embarrassed, the weirdest, I may be the weirdest young man in the eyes of others, because I don't want to read anymore, I left middle school when I was 15.
I just want to be able to do what I want to do in life. I didn't wear clothes that fit me when I was younger, and I grew up in a bad family, and my neighbors weren't good neighbors, but I think everyone goes through a period like this at some point in their life. In Star-Crossed I think my character is great because she and Alien are both entering high school for the first time, and people look at us differently. "
Matt Lanter grew up and studied in Atlanta, so did his acting career begin there? "I'm not a child actress, my sister does some plays a lot, but I only discovered that I like acting after high school. I did some behind-the-scenes work in Atlanta for movies, and I really liked those jobs, but it was just my part-time job, My main business at the time was sports." As for the role of "Roman", Lanter said: "When I read the script, I realized that this is a completely different character, and this character lives in a different We are in completely different worlds. Roman is a very complex person and he is a leader."
Regarding the future direction of the TV series, Aimee Teegarden also revealed some inside information in advance: "Throughout the first season, we discussed the relationship between the various characters and the fusion between each character, and then we will Enter the mysterious alien world. We know very little about the history of these aliens, we don't know where they came from or how they divided into factions. One of the best things about this show is that it leads the audience Explore these issues episode by episode." 
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Star-Crossed quotes

  • [repeated introduction to episode recap]

    Roman: My name is Roman. Ten years ago, our ship crash-landed on Earth. We came here seeking refuge, but the humans thought that it was an invasion.

    [One human soldier shoots a lone, approaching Atrian through the chest. Weapons fire erupts, yelling]

    Roman: That night, I met a human girl who tried to protect me. A girl I never thought I'd see again. The surviving members of my race, the Atrians, were rounded up and isolated inside a militarized sector. Now, it's 2024. Seven of us have been chosen to attend high school as part of a government integration program. But the humans and the Atrians continue to distrust each other, while I fight to protect my people and the human girl who saved my life, at any cost.

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