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2022-10-19 21:56
When Emory was six years old, an alien spaceship crashed into the town where she lived. The purpose of the aliens calling themselves "Atrian" is no longer important. The fear of the unknown makes human beings want to control the "Atrian" race, and the two sides immediately broke out into war; the Atrian, who is the same size as Emory, Roman hid. When he arrived at Emory's house, Emory gave him protection. Although Roman was taken away by the U.S. government soon after, the short time together made the two have feelings for each other.
Ten years later, Atrean, who lost the war, was isolated in a special area guarded by heavy troops, living a life like a concentration camp. At this time, human beings intend to start a special high school education project, so that a group of Atrian youths can be educated in a school to see if they can integrate into society. Roman is among these Atrian youths, and Emory Also read here.
On the day the Atrians come to report to school, Emory finds that Roman is still alive, the memories of their childhood are awakened, and the two fall in love. But then the fathers of both sides clashed badly over the Atrian settlement, forcing them to reconsider their relationship and the balance of their races.
The CW Television Network Television Network has long been a master at creating cross-species love between humans and the supernatural, from The Vampire Diaries to Beauty and the Beast to The Originals . In 2014, another cross-racial love story between human and non-human is about to debut. The story idea for "Star-Crossed" came from a Spanish producer.
When the girl Emery was 6 years old, aliens came to the earth, and Emery met the alien boy Roman at that time. But soon, the aliens were hunted down by human beings. In the end, the government locked the aliens in the area for centralized custody. 10 years later, the government decided to launch a special "high school education project", allowing 7 alien boys and girls to go to an ordinary high school. Emery and Roman reunite on campus, and an unstoppable budding teenage love affair affects coexistence between humans and alien races.
Star-Crossed (Star-Crossed) is an alien-themed sci-fi drama similar to the movie "District 9", and the story idea comes from a Spanish producer. It tells the story of hundreds of humanoid aliens trapped on earth. In order to prevent accidents, human beings decided to establish alien settlements to centrally guard them. After 10 years, mankind decided to start a special, trying to let 9 alien boys and girls go to a human suburban middle school to see if they can integrate into human society. There is no doubt that the prejudice on both sides and the inherent "competitiveness" of the creatures make the whole plan more complicated, and the romance between the human girl Emery and the alien boy Roman may become the key to affecting the peaceful coexistence of humans and aliens. Either they become Savior, or become the sinner who destroyed both species. 
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Star-Crossed quotes

  • [repeated introduction to episode recap]

    Roman: My name is Roman. Ten years ago, our ship crash-landed on Earth. We came here seeking refuge, but the humans thought that it was an invasion.

    [One human soldier shoots a lone, approaching Atrian through the chest. Weapons fire erupts, yelling]

    Roman: That night, I met a human girl who tried to protect me. A girl I never thought I'd see again. The surviving members of my race, the Atrians, were rounded up and isolated inside a militarized sector. Now, it's 2024. Seven of us have been chosen to attend high school as part of a government integration program. But the humans and the Atrians continue to distrust each other, while I fight to protect my people and the human girl who saved my life, at any cost.

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