Starlet casting process

2022-07-16 15:54
Director Sean Baker and the film's casting director Juliahave been searching for two actresses to portray Sadie, 85, and Jane, 21, for a long time. For the role, the director is eager to find a relatively unfamiliar new face. Later, Dree Hemingway's acting agent,happened to see the casting call for Sadie, and he reminded them that Dree Hemingway might be of interest. The director didn't know that Dree Hemingway was already involved in the actor industry, so he didn't think about her at all. Later, he watched every video of her interviews on the Internet. At this time, he was 80% sure that she would be able to perform well. Act out Jane. The director immediately got in touch with her via video call. In the director's mind, Dree Hemingway undoubtedly has the sense of humor, sensitivity and appeal that the character really needs.
Regarding the selection of Saidi, the director focused on the "stars" of the 'old days', which felt very much like "stars" from another era. In the process, they came into contact with several Famous actress, but for some reasons, they still did not reach the intention of cooperation in the end. Later, Zou Shiqing, one of the film's producers, met Besedka Johnson in a small town. After talking with Besedka Johnson, Zou Shiqing invited her to audition for the film. As soon as the director and Julia King saw her, their eyes lit up. Surprisingly, 86-year-old Johnson had been living in Los Angeles almost all the time. She wanted to be an actress very much, but she had no chance.
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Starlet quotes

  • Asa Akira: What's worse than getting banged by Jack the Ripper? Getting fingered by Captain Hook.

  • Sadie: [Sipping what looks like a lovely frappé outside Java Central coffee shop] I really prefer my own brand.

    Jane: That dry s**t you shove into hot water?

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