Starlet creative background

2022-07-16 20:27
The main inspiration for "Starlet" is that the director took some inspiration from Gus Maines' short film "Rebirth".
In 2010, director Sean Baker and his writing partner, Chris Bergcher, collaborated on a TV show for MTV. The show's main audience was young men between the ages of 16 and 20. In order to please these people, they Many actresses who have made pornographic films have been invited to this show. As the director gradually became acquainted with these women who are easy to make people think about, he also gradually realized that when they peeled off their erotic temptation, they were actually living the same boring and boring ordinary life as everyone else. So the director had an idea, that is, to shoot a very niche and somewhat documentary film, focusing on the daily life of this kind of actress in the porn industry when she is not working. So Sean Baker and Chris Bergcher developed a lot of ideas with distorted humor around this thread, and the film was born.
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Starlet quotes

  • Asa Akira: What's worse than getting banged by Jack the Ripper? Getting fingered by Captain Hook.

  • Sadie: [Sipping what looks like a lovely frappé outside Java Central coffee shop] I really prefer my own brand.

    Jane: That dry s**t you shove into hot water?

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