Submergence evaluation action

2022-07-17 09:38
The slow pace of this ocean-themed love story sometimes feels more like wading through mud than dancing on the sea   .
A film that deftly stands out among simple genre categories deserves credit, but Submergence feels like a clunky concoction, a confusing adaptation created by a group of people who aren't sure what they have   .
Though sophisticated and mature in terms of imagery and film language, it is a disappointing film, and the worst kind of disappointing film ever — it's clunky, dull, and like a dying cocoon The old man wants everyone to appreciate his demeanor. In terms of performance, Canvid's sense of substitution for the role seems to be only as serious as a family, and McAvoy's performance after being captured is not more eye-catching, unable to sympathize with the audience. The theme that Wenders found for the film is very large - the two protagonists explore or reflect on the huge topic of life, but the problem is that the love between the two is really trivial in front of this topic, and the thoughts the director wants to express are due to various reasons. , is fragmented and cannot even be self-contained. So, aside from the tediousness and tedium, and the wishful thinking that arises from sitting in the well and watching the sky, the rest of the film's lofty ambitions and artistic expressions have been suffocated into squibs.  .
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Submergence quotes

  • James More: I think you're following me.

    Danielle Flinders: Or you're following me in advance.

  • James More: Death. It gets very real when you're watching somebody die in front of you. You're thinking, is this all I am? Is this all I added up to? And all the clichés are true. You're thinking, why now? Why did it have to be... this happen, before I realize what life truly is? It's direct, it's immediate, and it's their whole life exposed to you.

    Danielle Flinders: Did you think about your own death a lot?

    James More: I did, and I do.

    Danielle Flinders: I've heard people telling me that they've had those exact same thoughts when they fell in love.

    James More: No, you don't die when you fall in love.

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