Submergence movie plot

2022-07-17 15:57
James Mooreand Danielle Flindersmeet while on vacation in Dieppe, France, and fall into a wild love affair, promising each other soon will meet again. But James engineer's job was just a cover, he was actually a spy for MI6 and was kidnapped by jihadists while trying to infiltrate an al-Qaeda in Somalia. Danielle is waiting to hear from James, completely unaware of his predicament. James is imprisoned in Somalia by the jihadists, while Danielle explores the unknown and mysterious sea in a submersible. Thousands of miles apart, they recalled the romantic scene when they first met in difficult times   .
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Submergence quotes

  • James More: I think you're following me.

    Danielle Flinders: Or you're following me in advance.

  • James More: Death. It gets very real when you're watching somebody die in front of you. You're thinking, is this all I am? Is this all I added up to? And all the clichés are true. You're thinking, why now? Why did it have to be... this happen, before I realize what life truly is? It's direct, it's immediate, and it's their whole life exposed to you.

    Danielle Flinders: Did you think about your own death a lot?

    James More: I did, and I do.

    Danielle Flinders: I've heard people telling me that they've had those exact same thoughts when they fell in love.

    James More: No, you don't die when you fall in love.

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