Suspect Zero movie plot

2022-03-20 08:01
Dallas FBI agent Thomas Markwayhas a stubborn personality and is demoted to the remote Albuquerque branch after illegally arresting serial killer Raymond Sturgeon to help him get away with it. On Thomas' first day in office, he encountered a thorny case, the tragic death of traveling salesman Harold Spike, who was thrown into the desolate frontier desert.
On the surface, it seems that the murderer is killing innocent people, but it turns out that the murderer's goal is very clear, because the last victim is Thomas' nemesis, the murderer Raymond. The investigative mission nearly ruined Thomas, haunted by past mistakes, as details of the case flashed through his mind, forcing him into a painful, clueless investigation. The cases became increasingly dire and markedly personal.
Thomas's partner, Fran Currock, is very persistent. She knows Thomas' past and what's bothering him, and she devotes herself to the intricate case without turning back. At this time, the case seemed to take shape, and the mysterious Benjamin O'Leangradually surfaced. It was obvious that there were innumerable connections between him and the victim. What was even more frightening was that he seemed to be able to covertly. Perceive Thomas   .
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Suspect Zero quotes

  • Sheriff Harry Dylan: [about victim] Fella's named Harold Speck, traveling salesman from T or C.

    Thomas Mackelway: T or C?

    Sheriff Harry Dylan: Truth or Consequences. It's a town, slick.

  • Professor Dates: Do you know the definition of a black hole?

    Piper: Not precisely, no.

    Professor Dates: It's a celestial body with a gravitational force so strong that nothing escapes it, not even light.

    Piper: Well, then how do you find something you can't see?

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