Sweet Home behind the scenes gags

2022-03-28 08:01
  • The original did not put the SOS logo on the apartment complex, which is part of the original of the series.
  • The setting of 15 Days to Get Rid of Monsters is original to the series.
  • There is an easter egg in the album, Lee Eun-young is watching the comic "Unworthy Son" in the room, which is another work of the author.
  • Since the author hopes to make a substantial adaptation, several small characters in the original work who are responsible for sacrifice have added a lot of scenes to the album version.
  • The perpetrators of the original work turned into armed groups chasing deserters, but the armed groups in the album threatened to use powerful force.
  • The translucent and liquid slime monster appeared very early in the original work, but appeared later in the series.
  • The corpse of the children's father has been downstairs, but the corpse has disappeared from the album, and it is unclear whether it has become a new monster or was eaten.
  • The shield invented by Han Doo-sik is actively used in the comics, and is even a key weapon to destroy several monsters, but the album version is less effective. 
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Extended Reading
  • Tamara 2022-04-04 09:01:08

    I think four stars are almost the same, but seeing so many people giving one star is not objective. If you really only get one star for being cool, most domestic dramas are not even worth 3 points. The plot really goes high and low. The story goes off the line and collapses directly in the last episode. No matter how strong the teammates are, they are not as good as the foreign colleagues. It is so happy to kill a group of teammates that they are forcibly blackened. I am really speechless. Xiba . Almost none of those who are holding them back die. Is this the brilliance of human nature or some kind of messy accident. We don't know what to do. The main force is sent out by force. I often beat a group of people by myself and watch you don't know what it is for. What. I don't know who was earlier in this comic or Attack on Titan, and the cores are similar. Whether it's discussing evolution or desire, the basic worldview is all in one frame system. I can endure too much sensationalism in the middle, but the male protagonist's sudden IQ runaway killed my favorite young lady, really cnm. The only good thing is that this show doesn't hate the portrayal of women. There were times when the heroine was beyond the power of turning the tide, I thought the hero was going to save the world again, but I really didn't do it that much, the requirements weren't high, and the four stars were still there. Yes.

  • Hans 2022-04-04 09:01:08

    I haven't read the original comics, but the overall atmosphere is like the modern version of "Kingdom" and the mutant version of "Train to Busan", and as a doomsday drama, its portrayal of human nature is not even worse than that of "The Walking Dead", and it has an oriental focus on courage The unique expression, except for the lack of zombie elements and the fact that the last two episodes are a little bit stretched, the BGM chaos is also a big slot, but the overall plot rhythm is well grasped, there is basically no urine, and this sweet home is here. The CP that the three pairs of doomsday contributed to is really good, and the overall score can be rated as four and a half stars. After all, I love the theme of doomsday zombies too much.

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