Sweet Home behind the scenes gags

2022-03-28 08:01
  • The original did not put the SOS logo on the apartment complex, which is part of the original of the series.
  • The setting of 15 Days to Get Rid of Monsters is original to the series.
  • There is an easter egg in the album, Lee Eun-young is watching the comic "Unworthy Son" in the room, which is another work of the author.
  • Since the author hopes to make a substantial adaptation, several small characters in the original work who are responsible for sacrifice have added a lot of scenes to the album version.
  • The perpetrators of the original work turned into armed groups chasing deserters, but the armed groups in the album threatened to use powerful force.
  • The translucent and liquid slime monster appeared very early in the original work, but appeared later in the series.
  • The corpse of the children's father has been downstairs, but the corpse has disappeared from the album, and it is unclear whether it has become a new monster or was eaten.
  • The shield invented by Han Doo-sik is actively used in the comics, and is even a key weapon to destroy several monsters, but the album version is less effective. 
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