Wendy and Lucy behind the scenes gags

2022-03-28 08:01
  1. Director Kelly Reichardt was worried that Michelle Ingrid Williams would be too beautiful to play the role, so she asked Michelle not to make up and wash her hair for two weeks during filming.
  2. Michelle Ingrid Williams did not shave her legs or wash her fingernails during filming.
  3. Michelle Ingrid Williams slept in the car for a few nights to better get into the character.
  4. The small hotel that appeared in the film is actually a real hotel opened by a friend of director Kelly Reichardt, and Kelly asked his daughter to play a small role in the film in order to thank her friend for their help.
  5. Due to the needs of the plot, the crew went to several states to shoot. A large number of locations and bad weather made the shooting process very difficult.
  6. Michelle Ingrid Williams had a scene where she had to fall in the mud. She only fell once in the film, but she had to fall many times to satisfy the director   .
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Wendy and Lucy quotes

  • Security Guard: You can't get a address without an address. You can't get a job without a job.

  • Andy: [after catching her for shoplifting] The food is not the issue. It's about setting an example, right?

    Wendy: Sir, I'm not from around here. I can't be an example.

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