Wendy and Lucy movie plot

2022-03-28 08:01
Wendy is a young girl in the blooming season. Although the family is not too bad, she is not having a good time. The young Wendy, like other girls of the same age, has many troubles that she cannot share with her parents and friends. She is a little autistic. The friend she talks about the most all day is a name she raised. A puppy named "Lucy". Wendy is inseparable from Lucy every day, wherever she goes, she takes this golden Labrador with her.
The summer vacation is coming, Wendy needs some money to buy something to fulfill her dream, but her parents do not give her financial support, so she decides to use this summer vacation to find something to do. Wendy saw on the Internet that a fish cannery in Alaska was recruiting for summer jobs, so she drove the broken used car given to her at home and took Lucy on a journey to Alaska.
Wendy, who was traveling alone for the first time, met many kind people on the road, such as the guard who persuaded her not to spend the night in the car, and the wandering artistic youth. These people added a different color to Wendy's journey. Wendy had just driven to Oregon when the broken car broke down and couldn't move, and she and Lucy were left in a desolate town. Wendy didn't have any money on her body, but Misank, the maintenance man in the garage, told her that if she wanted to repair the car, she needed a lot of money, so she couldn't move the idea of ​​repairing the car. Wendy could starve herself, but Lucy hadn't eaten for a few days. For Lucy's sake, she decided to take the risk and steal dog food from a business, but was caught by the clerk on the spot. Wendy was dragged to the police station by the clerk, and she was released after being reprimanded by the police, but Lucy, who was left outside the store, had no idea where she had gone. An impatient Wendy begins to look for her dog, but when she finds it, it makes her miserable   .
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Wendy and Lucy quotes

  • Security Guard: You can't get a address without an address. You can't get a job without a job.

  • Andy: [after catching her for shoplifting] The food is not the issue. It's about setting an example, right?

    Wendy: Sir, I'm not from around here. I can't be an example.

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