Sad Movie evaluation action

2022-03-03 08:01
The film shows the audience eight people, that is, four groups of independent stories that are not directly related. The first half an hour is the appearance and explanation of the characters. Generally speaking, it is not chaotic. The switching of scenes and the distribution of roles appear orderly under the camera. , scattered and orderly. In the middle half an hour, the story begins to focus on the various conflicts and subtle relationships between the characters. Although there is nothing new in the technique, it has brought the audience into the movie, and the audience has already solved the problems that each character needs to solve. Generated a strong interest, paving the way for the end of the future. In the last half hour, the four groups of characters changed to varying degrees, which is the concentrated expression of the word "sad" in the title of the film.
At the time of the love, although the audience had already expected some, when the couple who parted in life and death both shed tears of sadness and said those three words, when the couple who did not start shed tears of hope, when the lovers who parted were thanked again When the moving water is shed, when the mother and son cannot be together and only cry bitterly, I am afraid that there will be many female audiences who will also collapse and cry. Even if people are not very sensitive to the plot of such a movie, they are still moved by those who truly love each other, by those who cannot love, by the lost love, and by the love between mother and son. As in the tidbits, some actors said, "Parting is also a kind of love". It is a little regrettable that the title of the film is not particularly accurate. Another name "Really Love You" seems to be more appropriate, because after seeing such an ending, the audience will feel more in addition to feeling sad. It's the true love that the film conveys. ()
The idea for the film to describe a beautiful moment of separation, rather than a beautiful love, is novel. The most fatal weakness is that the actors shed tears before the audience. If you are a crazy fan of the star, it is possible to cry over these scenes. But for the rest of the audience, it was undoubtedly an emotional excess that lacked the essentials. ()
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Extended Reading
  • Beulah 2022-03-19 09:01:10

    Whispering as a lover is indeed more profound, rich and touching than the Hong Kong version. No matter from the picture, plot, soundtrack, etc., I can't pick out any major problems. The world is experiencing all kinds of joys and sorrows every day. Be yourself and have no regrets. enough.

  • Anais 2022-03-19 09:01:10

    Some bridges are good

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