The Addams Family evaluation action

2022-02-07 15:01
The film inherits the most essential core of the original - darkening the characters collectively and finding an unusual humor in all the creepy. It is not only a Gothic horror, its connotation corresponds to the display of the entire horror literature of the 20th century in the United States, and also emphasizes the paranoid "family core concept": no matter what the external environment is, a family loves their own family deeply. , unreasonably trust each other. Everyone is stubborn and different, but they all have to return to their families and communities. This is the American connotation that the film wants to convey to the audience   .
As far as the style of painting is concerned, the film still maintains the classic gothic temperament, and the character modeling can be said to be 100% loyal to the original comics. A family that behaves strangely and a small town that sticks to the rules have created a lot of sparks. Compared with the live-action version of the 1990s, this kind of plot processing is a small breakthrough. A strong dubbing team, accompanied by familiar classic melodies, has no sense of disobedience. However, whether it is the newly added jokes or the topics that are forcibly inserted, the film loses its original charm at the core. It’s not enough to just play homage memes that stick to pop culture. Compared with the live-action version, the film, like Hollywood, has become less and less tolerant of provocation of mainstream values   .
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Extended Reading
  • Garret 2022-03-26 09:01:13

    Boring, ugly, boring, warm family drama

  • Lloyd 2022-03-26 09:01:13

    The overall plot of the new Addams Family theatrical version is average, but some of the jokes are still remarkable: on Wednesday, during the retrograde period, I went to ordinary junior high school out of curiosity. I got a pink unicorn hairpin when I came back home to be angry, and I also refused to meet my mother. Line of psychic afternoon tea. My mother was very sad and could only talk to my grandma and grandma through crystal ball channeling alone to talk about her troubles. When grandma heard it, she comforted her and said don't worry. You joined the Girl Scouts during the retrograde period, and we were worried that we would lose you forever. As a result, you found out that the Campfire of the Girl Scouts was roasting marshmallows instead of other Girl Scouts. You came back disappointed, so you don't have to worry about Wednesday~ Laugh at me as mentally retarded

The Addams Family quotes

  • Gomez Addams: Blow F6, Pugsley. Fire in the hole!

    Pugsley Addams: Yes!

    Uncle Fester: [inside a bathtub] You sunk my battleship.

    Gomez Addams: Well done, Pugsley!

  • Gomez Addams: Tastes like cotton candy.

    Morticia Addams: How do you know what cotton candy tastes like?

    Gomez Addams: Tish, it was my youth. I made mistakes!

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