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2022-07-05 21:00
The film shows that in war, people are faced with a series of "abnormal" situations, forcing themselves to make the strictest choice - a choice between life and death. Under the conditions of war, to maintain human nature and human dignity, it is often necessary to pay the highest price. Rybakov saw his comrade-in-arms being hanged and wanted to commit suicide to relieve his carbuncle, but he finally succeeded. On the surface, it is because the conditions do not allow it, but in fact, the mentality of stealing a living has the upper hand. But surrender did not bring happiness. The portrayal of the two people in the film is not oversimplified.
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The Ascent quotes

  • Sotnikov: [Imprisoned, Sotnikov and Rybak are arguing whether to speak with Germans or not] We're soldiers. Soldiers. Don't crawl in shit. You'll never wash it off.

    Rybak: So then, to the grave - to feed the worms. Right?

    Sotnikov: That's not the worst that could happen. No. That's not what I'm talking about. Now I understand. I understand. The important thing is to be true to yourself.

    Rybak: Fool! You're a fool, Sotnikov. You graduated from the institute for nothing. I want to live! To live! To kill those bastards! Understand? I'm the soldier. And you're a corpse. All you've got left is your stubbornness - your principles!

    Sotnikov: Then go, go on living - without a conscience. It can be done.

  • Portnov, the Nazi interrogator: You want to save the woman without giving up anything? That won't work. You'll have to trouble your conscience. One way or the other, you'll have to. There's no way out. None.

    Sotnikov: I won't betray anyone. Not anyone. There are things more important than one's own hide.

    Portnov, the Nazi interrogator: [laughs] Where? What is it? What's it made of? That's nonsense. We're mortal. With death, everything ends for up, all of life. The entire world. It's not worth it. For what? As an example for future generations? But you won't have a heroic death, either. You won't just die. You'll croak like a traitor. And if you won't tell, someone else will. And we'll write it off to you. Understand?

    Sotnikov: Scum. Human scum.

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