The Boy and the Beast evaluation action

2022-04-03 08:01
"The Boy and The Beast; Bakemono no Ko; The Monster's Child" is a lot more entertaining than Mamoru Hosoda's previous works, and the music and pictures have maintained a consistently high level. The picture of this film corresponds to the overall plot, which is slightly dark at first, but becomes bright and brisk as the plot changes. The details of the painting are also well represented. In the fighting scenes in the play, the fighting scenes are set according to the characters of different characters, and the movements are smooth and natural. The restoration of Shibuya is a very difficult thing to do very well. Although the passers-by are converted from three-dimensional to two-dimensional, the effect is still very good. The background music in the early stage is close to the animation, one piece at a time, full of rhythm. The pauses and blanks that match the plot several times in the play are also just right. In the case of the late plot runaway, the plot is also strung together through the background music.
Correspondingly, the script this time can be said to be quite rough, the plot is also a little old-fashioned, and the rhythm is not stable. The subject matter of the film is actually quite rich. From the beginning to the end, the light and dark clues are intertwined, and the primary and secondary contradictions break out one after another. The film rarely has a blank period of the plot from beginning to end. The content of the story can be said to be rich, and the spread out world can be said to be interesting. In the first half of the film, the plot can be regarded as relaxed and relaxed. After the half-time, it begins to give people a sense of disorganization. Many things are told in half, or even just mentioned, and they end in a hurry or are simply dismissed. forgotten.
In terms of character shaping, Hosoda Mori has always used stories to show a vivid and vivid character. Under the influence of the rampant plot of this film, the characters, especially the supporting roles, are inevitably affected. These characters are still some characters with distinct personalities, but none of them can be explained more in the story. The templated situation is relatively serious, and their positions in the story are sometimes slightly awkward. However, in terms of the shaping of the main characters, because there is enough plot support, the film has done a very good job in this regard. Relatively speaking, these characters have more changes, more complex personalities, and more real souls.  
Compared with the female-centered Hayao Miyazaki fantasy, this work has more in common with the "Harry Potter" series. First of all, the "Harry Potter" series is reviewed in the story setting. The key theme is the emotion and inner growth of the young hero. Also, this is a standard youth movie, the story is about a pure and kind girl Feng trying to change and quietly falling in love with a contradictory loner, Jiutai, but Jiutai is more focused on Self-improvement rather than romance. At the climax of the work, the film turns this conflict to the world. Jiuta and Kaede will face the ultimate test. Hosoda Mori and the animators have developed a rich imagination here, but this work will still be The theme is locked in the growth of Jiutai and the struggle with troubles, and it is firmly throughout the whole story. Unlike Harry Potter, which used eight films, one of the satisfying parts of this work is that Kyuubi ended the fight.  
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  • Elwyn 2022-04-05 09:01:07

    It's not even a little bit worse than Summer Wars, and all the futile sensationalism can't compare to the old grandma's words: the worst thing in life is to be hungry and alone. This time, I won't be a star, and I still have expectations for Hosoda Mamoru.

  • Jewell 2022-04-06 09:01:07

    The first half can be completely given five stars, but the second half of the plot takes a sharp turn. It feels like a screenwriter dug a pretty good hole but couldn't fill it up and threw it there. Another person picked it up and really liked it and filled it. It feels like two stories before and after. I really like the first half. The characters, music, and lines are all so cute. It's totally hilarious, but the more you look back, the colder it becomes. It is very sad to see it.

The Boy and the Beast quotes

  • Kaede: You know what? I've been asking myself something. "Why am I holding Ren's hand and running away with him? Here I am, scared to death, so why am I doing it? Then I remembered something. How incredibly happy I was when we first met and we started studying together. I mean, there's nobody else who enjoys studying as much as you. When I'm with you, it gives me the courage to keep going too. And right now, it's the same. Ren, if you're going to fight, then I'm staying with you. Don't forget, neither of us is ever fighting alone.

  • Kaede: Everyone of us carries that darkness equally. Ren carries it, and so do I. But I'm still struggling as hard as I can, even now. That's why there's no way Ren can lose to you who were so easily swallowed by the darkness. There's no way we're going to lose!

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