The Boy and the Beast movie plot

2022-04-03 08:01
In this world, there is another world that is different from the human world. That is the world of monsters. The "Shibuya" of the human world and the "Shiten Street" of the monster world. Living in two worlds that should never meet, a boy who is alone and a monster who is alone.
One day, the boy got lost in the world of monsters, became a disciple of the monster Xiong Toru, and was given the name. This chance encounter is the beginning of an unimaginable adventure.
Initially, there was a huge disparity in their personalities, and there were constant conflicts. The days of living and practicing together made the growth of the two overlap each other. Before they knew it, they began to have a relationship like a real parent and child.
One day, the boy has grown into a strong young man, and by chance, Jiutareturned to "Shibuya" from "Shuten Street", and met high school girl Kaede ( voiced by, Through the acquaintance with Feng, Jiutai learned the values ​​of this new world and began to explore the world that she should live in. At this moment, a big incident broke out, including the orcs and humans in the two worlds. In order to save everyone, what exactly can they do, Xiong Che, Jiu Tai and Feng, each made a decision. 
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  • Savanna 2022-04-07 09:01:06

    The love of father and son

  • Vicenta 2022-04-07 09:01:06

    From the very beginning, I expected this story of "learning art" to break away from the traditional "higher, faster and stronger" narrative and find a fulcrum that warms humanity. It can be seen that Mamoru Hosoda has been working hard to deconstruct "what is powerful". The first half of the paragraph is devoted to this question, and the second half is a problem-solving. Through the mutual training of the master and the apprentice, they tame each other, and Ichirohiko, the son of human beings. The blackening of , finally fell to the victory over the "black hole of human nature". The finishing touch is "Kian Xin", which states that "the real sword that comes to the side, that is, the source of the sense of security, is a heart that is upright, upright, fearless and letting go of hatred." However, Ichirohiko's blackening was too abrupt and scribbled, and the whale's imagery was also pulled rather reluctantly. Hosoda Mori asked Jiutai not only to let go of his heart and reconcile with his biological father, but also to have the love of a human girl, and even signed up for the college entrance examination to show that he has grown from a "child of monsters" to a successful socialized "human". This process is also abrupt It was terribly scribbled, and it was impossible to see where the driving force of the mood change was.

The Boy and the Beast quotes

  • Kaede: You know what? I've been asking myself something. "Why am I holding Ren's hand and running away with him? Here I am, scared to death, so why am I doing it? Then I remembered something. How incredibly happy I was when we first met and we started studying together. I mean, there's nobody else who enjoys studying as much as you. When I'm with you, it gives me the courage to keep going too. And right now, it's the same. Ren, if you're going to fight, then I'm staying with you. Don't forget, neither of us is ever fighting alone.

  • Kaede: Everyone of us carries that darkness equally. Ren carries it, and so do I. But I'm still struggling as hard as I can, even now. That's why there's no way Ren can lose to you who were so easily swallowed by the darkness. There's no way we're going to lose!

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