The Bride Wore Black movie plot

2022-07-06 23:44
French New Wave director François Truffaut pays tribute to his most admired director Hitchcock. The original is "Rear Window" author William. Ai Ruish's novel of the same name describes a newly married husband who was accidentally murdered by five drunk men while he was walking out of the church. kill them. In addition to the tension and suspense, the whole film adds a French-style poignant atmosphere, which makes the heroine Jeanne. Moreau has room to play. Bernard. Herman has composed music for Hitchcock's works on many occasions, and this time it is also a special cross-cutting knife for the film. 
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The Bride Wore Black quotes

  • Coral: Permit me to make an impossible wish?

    Julie Kohler: Why impossible?

    Coral: Because I'm a rather pessimist.

    Julie Kohler: I've heard it said: "There are no optimists or pessimists. There are only happy idiots or unhappy ones".

    Coral: [smiling] Yes, well. I'm an unhappy idiot then.

  • Bliss: You and your humor. You murder me.

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