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2022-04-13 08:01
While people are suffering tremendously, the world just goes on without knowing it. The Bridge is a documentary exploring why the majestic The Bridge is the world's most popular suicide destination, and those who are drawn to it. Eric Steele and his crew used daylight hours throughout 2004 to film on opposite ends of The Bridge, documenting more than twenty deaths during the year (and preventing several more) ). They also tape-recorded interviews with friends, family and eyewitnesses of the individuals involved, distressing details and details of how they struggled with depression, substance abuse and mental illness . While presenting such rich and complex first-hand material, filmmakers also ask questions about suicide, mental illness, and civic responsibility. 
Looking down from The Bridge, there is often fog lingering, giving people hallucinations. Tiny humans build great bridges.
Since The Bridge (Golden Gate Bridge) was completed in 1937, human beings have lived for nearly a century and even went to the moon. But in the face of The Bridge, the common thought of many people is that human beings have overstepped the Creator and built projects that should not be built. Since the failure of the Babel Tower project under divine intervention, mankind has continued to try great projects. That wish came true in San Francisco . The Bridge in the mist is as beautiful as Satan's smile and as solemn as the altar of God.
After The Bridge, there are countless more labor-intensive and time-consuming projects, but they all end up looking like a pile of dead objects, which are quite suitable for the rough handicrafts of human beings; only The Bridge is so delicate and evil that it needs sacrifices. More than 1,200 people have already jumped off and slapped on the sea. Some people could not be found, some people appeared dozens of nautical miles away, their internal organs were shattered by the powerful impact, as if they had died from the masters of the inner family.
It is the world's preferred suicide shrine. On the bridge, your hidden suicidal tendencies may be awakened. There is a young father, holding his two-year-old little girl, who was walking well, enjoying the scenery of Kinmen Bay with a bunch of vulgar tourists, and he should have taken some photos; but suddenly, he threw the child into the sea, and he immediately jump off. No warning, no reason.
Some people leave reasons for suicide, and I like this person the most: without him, the toothache is unbearable. No wonder that toothache is not a disease, it hurts really badly. Don't go to San Francisco when you have a toothache . Going to the dentist.
There are also some public figures who will come here to die for the public to see and teach bad people's children. Among them are Duane Garrett, a good friend of the former the Vice President of the United States Albert Arnold Gore Jr ; there is Roy Raymond, the founder of the underwear brand VICTORIA 'S SECRET (victoria's secret) . , for a few seconds of silence.
Many suicides go unexplained. Anti-suicide groups and religious groups desperately oppose San Francisco's media when reporting suicide incidents to say the order of suicides. In fact, there have been cases where the number of suicides will suddenly increase when the number of suicides hits 500 and 1,000. When the ranking reaches 998, if there are two people on the bridge who want to compete for the 1000th place, they will have to wait for the other to jump first.
In a comparative study with The Bridge's sister bridge, the Bay Bridge, suicide experts found that only a handful of people committed suicide on the Bay Bridge. According to common sense, everyone wants to die, but where is the difference? Of course, don't jump down from the tall buildings in the down town , it is too selfish and will hit others. Suicide expert Richard Seiden said: "Many people think that dying under the Golden Gate Bridge is beautiful and romantic, but jumping off the Bay Bridge is corny. And Jerome Motto starts from the vision and finds the reason for him: standing on the Golden Gate Bridge, you will have such an illusion, and jumping off will be a clean, peaceful, and supple death.
Is there beauty that we can't bear, so much that we can no longer want to leave, can no longer endure that boring, mundane time and space where the return ticket takes us back? Therefore, many people jumped into the sea.
There are so many people jumping, there is a generally agreed reason for suicide at The Bridge: Why commit suicide here? Because you can't get such a splendid death anywhere else, this is the death sanctuary, and if you jump, it's a holy streamer dedicated to death.
Install a net bag under The Bridge to prevent suicide. This huge project has been demonstrated for decades, but it has never been passed or implemented. Perhaps, everyone tacitly understands that it is too cruel to not let people commit suicide in The Bridge.
Small human beings can also have great deaths.
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  • Hubert 2022-04-13 08:01:01

    Further reading: "The Complete Suicide Manual" "The Complete Revenge Manual"

  • Evelyn 2022-04-13 08:01:01

    Some ethical issues can be discussed, but this is not the point. The point is that the filming is not good. Those "dead images" are inexplicably inserted between the monotonous interviews. This is all the techniques of this film. horrible.

The Bridge quotes

  • Witness: [after witnessing a suicide] When I talked to the highway patrolman, I asked him "Is this a rare occurrence or does this happen a lot?" And he looked and me and he sort of smiled and he said, "It happens all the time."

  • [Last lines]

    Caroline Pressley - Gene's Friend, South San Francisco, CA: I don't know why people kill themselves. And yet, it's a small step to empathize... to say... well, because I think we all experience moments of despair. That, ah, it would be so much easier not to do this anymore. But for most of us, the sun comes out, and then "Oh well, Tomorrow is another day". Why he chose the Bridge? I don't know. Maybe there was a certain amount of release from pain, by pain. Maybe he just wanted to fly one time.

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