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2022-04-07 08:01
The film creates a strong sense of history under the minimalist aesthetic images, which can be called a surprise in European films   .
The film only uses World War II as the background, and the story goes deep into Germany, using a "uniform" as a symbol of power to explore a national character that runs through German society, and then shows the fundamental reason why the Shearer regime can develop in Germany. reason. The film uses black and white tones as a whole. On the one hand, it is different from the colorful reality and highlights the tragic meaning. On the other hand, it is loyal to the restoration of history.  .
If there is no end of the tidbits, perhaps the film can only be regarded as a very good and neat historical theme work, but the absurd show in the last few minutes makes this story obvious as a time-travel allegory . The Easter egg is full of hilariousness, but instead it purifies the seriousness of the story. The film borrows the theme of World War II to explore the tampering of human nature and people's hearts by unconstrained power. Black and white images, real adaptations, and World War II scenes give the film a natural chill, but the story of the film can be separated from the war background and the framework of war films, and become a journey through time, which can ask about history or point to the future. prophecy   .
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  • Willi Herold: My father always said, "If you've done something wrong, then at least admit it."

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