The Captain movie plot

2022-04-07 08:01
On the eve of Germany's defeat, the people and the stragglers were panicked. At this time, a German deserter under the age of 20, Willie Herold, put on the captain's officer uniform he found and transformed himself into Captain Herold. From the moment he felt respected and needed in the captain's uniform, he embraced this new identity and became more and more unable to extricate himself. Herold swindled and recruited a group of deserters all the way, and the frightened bird who escaped from the dead cultivated into a demon who was controlled by power and could not extricate himself. He shot deserters, purged disobedient followers, claimed to have been instructed by Hitler, etc., established his own authority, and even massacred hundreds of prisoners in the No. 2 correctional camp, and continued to serve Germany by "resisting the growing defeatism" Fight on" excuse to exonerate yourself      .
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  • Willi Herold: My father always said, "If you've done something wrong, then at least admit it."

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